The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 7 Part 2

Chapter 7: Cannot Go Back [Part 2]

She was no longer the proud young miss of the Yang family, nor was she the ‘Goddess of War’ of the army. She had lost all her magnificence. Only a little girl called Yang QiQi was left after shedding her exalted exterior. Later, she rescued by Nian JiMo. He treated her well, not for her family background or for her titles, but just because he liked her.

She was touched but Xiao Yun’s betrayal had traumatised her. The heart which had just opened a little, closed itself again.

“Thank you.” She withdrew her hand and did the rest of the work.

“You’re welcome.” Nian JiMo felt a little sad, but he immediately calmed down. “You are hungry, right? I’m going to cook some food for you.”

“Yes. Sorry for bothering you.”

Nian Ji Mo glanced at her, and silently went away for cooking.

He surmised that she would be wary of himself, but he didn’t expect her to be so defensive.

Generally, the females in the empire were accustomed to the care and dedication of males. They would not have thanked or refused his help under this situation. They would continue to complain, act spoiled, and cry ceaselessly after being injured.

But Yang QiQi was silent. So silent that he felt distressed.

How did she live before? She appeared without any clothing on her body. Both her EQ and IQ indicated that she had not been on her own before, but her independence was much higher than other female beastmen. It was very close to males.

The ground was covered with a white animal skin, which was thick and soft under her feet.

Yang QiQi looked at the layout of the room and walked to the place where he was cooking.

This was a wooden house. The area was small with only about 20 square metres, but it was very comfortable and warm. Except for the bed she had slept in before, there was a stone stove in the centre and the box in which he stored clothes was handmade. This house was simple but strong. It did not look like a temporary residence at all.

Leaning against the door and watching the man busying around the stone stove in the kitchen, she felt that he would be a good family man.

“QiQi.” Calling out her name for the first time, Nian JiMo felt that his mouth was full of sweetness. He pulled himself together, stirred the food in the pot, and asked in a relaxed tone: “Can you tell me about your past? Where did you come from? Why did you appear alone in the Saintess Forest?”

“I remember that I fell into the deep sea. I thought that I was bound to die but I didn’t expect to wake up on the edge of a lake in this forest. I don’t understand why I appeared here.” Yang QiQi didn’t think of concealing it. Anyway, ‘traversing through space’ was a thing that was inherently mysterious. Moreover, there was an essential difference between her and Nian JiMo. She didn’t know anything about their surroundings, customs, people, etc. so she did not want to leave her impression as a ‘dishonest’ person in his heart by not telling the truth. Of course, she would not take the initiative to say that she came from a world that was different from his.

After a pause, she continued: “I used to live in a big tribe, oh, we call it T- Union.”

“T-Union? I have never heard of that on this continent.”

“Maybe you didn’t hear its name because its too far from here? But I don’t think I can go back.” Yang QiQi’s tone was somewhat lonely.

She committed suicide after avenging her deceased comrades as she did not want to return to the camp after losing her face. But T-Union had everything she loved deeply. Whether it was the Yang family or her camp, they were all very dear to her. Now, she could not return there anymore.

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