The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 7 Part 1

Chapter 7: Cannot Go Back [Part 1]

“I fixed an external ‘Youla’[1] on you for now,” he tilted his head and pointed to a scar on his ear. “Every cub sent to the ‘Nursury Hall’ will be provided this on their first day. Because of the difference in species, the ability to learn is different for each cub. As a result, wearing it saves a lot of time and energy. After I picked you up, I discovered that you didn’t have it so I put one on you. I don’t have a good ‘Youla’ device with me here so I can only use the external one temporarily.”

So the reason why can she speak and understand their language is this strange device? It seems that their technological level is not lower than that of her world. On the contrary it may even be higher.

“Thank you.” Yang QiQi touched the slight round protrusion on her left ear. It was slightly cool to touch. It should be this ‘Youla’. There was no pain, so most probably it was pasted on her skin.

“My name is Yang QiQi.”

“Nian JiMo.”

“Do you have any clothes?” Yang QiQi laughed dryly: “I’m not used to being naked like this.”

Sitting naked and being stared at by a handsome guy was really stressful!

Unexpectedly, Nian JiMo stroked her shoulders again. This time he was very fast, and accomplished his task without giving her a chance to avoid his touch.

Yang QiQi froze for a while feeling the slight coolness from his fingertips. Just as she was about to get angry, he successfully distracted her with his words.

“There is a scab on your wound, so you can put on clothes now.” He turned around and went to pick up some clothes from a wooden box.

She looked down at her shoulder. There was a wound with some transparent ointment on it. She noticed that there were other wounds on her body. They have also been treated and started healing. It seems that this world is ahead not only in science and technology, but also in medicine.

She felt a little guilty as she had misunderstood Nian JiMo. He was her saviour and had stripped her only to treat her wound. But she treated a gentleman like him as someone who had bad intentions towards a ten-year old loli.

What did this mean?

This was exactly what it was meant to bite the hand that feeds you!

The ‘gentleman’ who had turned his back to her to bring out the clothes, was still serious and cold, but there was a burst of happiness in his heart. (T/N: Does anyone see a handsome tsundere here? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

He touched her… He touched her soft and smooth skin when she was awake!

She looked so cute with her big wide eyes and slightly open pink lips!

Even when he chose a soft white cotton shirt and handed it to her, Nian JiMo couldn’t stop beaming from happiness.

He had worn this shirt on his body before. Although it was washed clean, it was still full of his smell. Now, this dress would wrap her small body, which gave him the illusion of embracing her.

Although he was eager to see her dressed in his clothes, he turned around consciously in order to not arouse her disgust.

Yang QiQi quickly put on his shirt and buttoned it up.

The shirt was too large for her. Its hem reached her calf when she stood up, and the sleeves were much longer than her arms.

As the clothes were baggy, her body would no longer be directly exposed to his eyes.

She comforted herself and was about to roll up the sleeves when pair of white and slender hands stretched out, rolling it from the cuffs as if it was perfectly natural.

Yang Qiqi was stunned by Nian JiMo’s movements again. She was slightly moved when she observed him doing the task earnestly as his long eyelashes drooped down.


[1] Youla – The author named it ‘尤拉’. I kept the name in pinyin as I couldn’t figure out the meaning. But this device essentially works like a translation tool for both parties.

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