The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 6 Part 2

Chapter 6: Nian JiMo [Part 2]

Nian JiMo’s beaswas a white python. Although his looks were feminine, his combat power was excellent. He grew up with his team members from childhood, and he was also the deputy captain of his team. But in a mission of escorting young female cubs, the team captain and several team members were lured away by some outlaws. As a result, the female cubs were injured and almost taken away. Although he tried his best and finally saved the females, he was pushed out by his team members to be the scapegoat.

He was betrayed collectively by his friends who grew up with him. It was a feeling he would never forget.

It was a felony to injure a young females so the ‘Law Enforcement Hall’ sentenced him to ten years of exile in the Saintess Forest and 50 electric lashes. During this period, he must handover 20 Saintess Fruits within each year. If he failed to do so, his penalty would be extended by one year and he would be subjected to an extra 20 electric lashes.

The Saintess Forest was named after the Saintess Fruit.

The so-called Saintess Fruit was the fruit which stimulates the potential of female beastmen and increases their probability of giving birth to female cubs.

The yield of Saintess Fruit was extremely low, with only three fruits every three years. Moreover, its plant could only grow by itself . The plants that had been artificially transplanted had never survived. The plants in the entire Saintess Forest produced more than 100 pieces of Saintess Fruit every year, but there were no less than 20 male beastmen serving sentences there. It was a fierce battle to get those 20 pieces of Saintess Fruit every year.

This was Nian JiMo’s sixth year in the forest. In the past few years, he had completed the task successfully after surviving several dangerous battles. His strength had also been recognized by several other strongmen in the forest. Even if he were to collect the few fixed Saintess Fruits, the old prisoners will not come to fight for it.

The giant eagle from before was a new prisoner. It was unknown whether he decided to attack him by sheer coincidence or was instigated by someone intentionally, but he was not in the mood to take care of it. Anyway, he had taught him a good lesson.

What’s more, he felt that he was extremely lucky as he had never heard of anyone who had picked up a female from the Saintess Forest.

Besides, she was such a beautiful young female.

Nian JiMo checked her whole body when she was in a coma and found no signs of mating. In other words, she did not belong to any male and there was no governmental uniform code on her, meaning she was not in the records.

He had found an abandoned female!

This kind of credit was not only enough to nullify the remaining few years of his imprisonment but also give him the priority to become her spouse.

But he doesn’t have his own team now. So it was highly probable that he would be easily targeted and excluded by her other partners in the future.

A countermeasure automatically popped in his mind: Aren’t there still a few other big shots in the Saintess Forest? Two out of them have good combat power and they have taken care of him during his punishment. They would be good allies.

But before notifying them, he should grab the opportunity to get the favour of this little female.

Thinking this, he stood up.

Yang Qiqi opened her eyes wide as she watched the man approach her, but it made her depressed having to look upwards.

The man was very handsome. Even though she had seen many beauties in her world, he still belonged to the pleasing type in QiQi’s eyes. Especially his cold temperament; she felt an indescribable attraction towards it.

The man stood still in front of the bed for a while, bent down slightly and stretched out his arms.

Yang Qiqi unconsciously pulled the quilt upto her chest to hide her naked body, and titled her head to avoid his touch. Although her chest had not yet developed, she was a mature woman inside.

It was not that she had not been alone with men. She had gone on missions with her male subordinates many times before but at that time both sides paid more attention towards their military duties. Gender was secondary so she had no distractions. Consequently, she did not feel embarrassed at all.

But now, despite the expressionless face in front of her, what Qiqi saw in his gray-blue eyes was the gaze which a man directed towards a woman.

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