The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 46 Part 1

Chapter 46: Nian JiMo’s Popularity [Part 1]

“If love is compared to cooking, then jealousy is like the seasoning. Adding an appropriate amount will make it more enjoyable.” — Nian JiMo, 《The Law of Hunting a Wife》


Ai! You said you had patrolling duty in the first half of the night, so you should have continued sleeping. Instead of that, you got up early in the morning to accompany me and Zheng Shou for morning exercises and now, you wish to accompany me to the lecture room. It’s okay to send me to the lecture room, but is it necessary to appear so cold yet so amazingly handsome ah? Do you have any idea how many scorching gazes you’ve attracted from those wolf-like female beastmen? Moreover, they’re also looking at me with so much hatred. Darn it! Sister really has the urge to wrap you up nicely and ‘store’ you away~

Yang QiQi had always thought that she had a formidable mental strength, but under the baptism of the joint hostile eyes of the female beastmen, even her frame of mind slumped ah! What a great way to start her day ah…

Glancing aggrievedly at a certain male wearing white clothes beside her, she had a gloomy thought: It seems like it is not a good thing for someone’s partner to be too charming. It’s so stressful ah~

[Zheng Shou \(^o^)/~: You’re right! QiQi, you’re so gorgeous, I’m so stressed ah~

Nian JiMo ╭(╯^╰)╮ : The ratio of male to female is 20:1 so, I have more rights to say that~

Yang QiQi’s counterattack ~(@^_^@)~: I didn’t make myself look so beautiful deliberately…

All other small-time female beastmen 凸(︶︿︶)凸: You’re despicable!]

“QiQi, QiQi, did you see this? All good-looking males are unreliable. Even though he stepped outside just a few minutes ago, he has already attracted the flirtatious gazes of so many females.” Zheng Shou said with a “I am the most reliable” face, sparing no effort to show his obedient and well-behaved appearance to her.

He also noticed the different expressions of the females they encountered along the way to the three of them: To Nian JiMo, they were warm like a spring breeze and passionate like a summer day; to Yang QiQi, they were cruel like an autumn wind and cold like the snow in winter but to him… They had simply ignored him!

Ahem! Sister female beastmen, how narrow is your eyesight to ignore such an imposing person ah?!

Nian JiMo was also in a bad mood. It was evident from his three times the usual frozen face.

The line of sight of these little female beasts almost roasted him! This Brother is handsome, free and easy and has an  extraordinary temperament, but this Brother’s excellence blossoms only for QiQi ah! F*ck, all of your fascination will only make her annoyed with this Brother ah!

Nian JiMo wrinkled his eyebrows in irritation, which immediately elicited a bunch of exhilarated screeches from the surrounding female beastmen.

“Woah! He frowned! He unexpectedly frowned~”

“Ah… I feel so happy that I can really watch Nian JiMo frown!”

Nian JiMo threw up a mouthful of old blood in his heart: This daddy is not dead. How did knitting my eyebrows become a sensation in all the land under heaven?!

(Author’s Note: Sigh, you can’t condemn those little female beastmen. Your frozen face and a dead person’s face really looks unexpectedly similar ah.)

When the three of them reached the lecture room, they ran into Female Warrior Lin Yu, the female who threatened Yang QiQi to hand over Nian JiMo to her. She had come with her four Guardian Beasts.

As one would expect, the moment Lin Yu saw Nian JiMo, her eyes lit up brightly. Nevertheless, she feigned aloofness and walked over with a ‘cold yet noble’ expression on her face: “Nian JiMo, have you made any decision regarding what I asked Wang Bing to tell you last night?”

Last night?

A smile appeared on Yang QiQi’s face: Aiyah, someone has already come to cut the ground under my, this old lady’s, feet(1)?

Without waiting for Lin Yu to get close to him, Nian JiMo took two steps and directly pasted himself against Yang QiQi’s back. He wrapped his arms around her chest to embrace her. “Yesterday night, when I was on duty, a male came to look for me but I beat him up fiercely. I thought it was an insignificant matter, so I didn’t bring it up before.” He earnestly explained what had transpired the previous night, before facing Lin Yu and saying in a chilly voice: “I thought I already responded with my fist yesterday. Since you didn’t understand my implicit reply, I will tell you the answer directly now.”


(1) come to cut the ground under <someone’s> feet [挖牆角] – usually means to steal other people’s things. Here, it refers to a person, however.

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