The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 45 Part 2

Chapter 45: Yang QiQi’s Confession [Part 2]

The reason why he hadn’t stopped Yang QiQi from accepting him as a partner was just to put this dangerous factor out in the open in front of their eyes. Enemies, especially the talented ones, hiding in the dark, were the most terrifying. If they were to place him by their side, it’d actually be easier to guard against him. But of course, the prerequisite for this was to make sure that she would never be alone with him, otherwise it would be the same as leading the wolf into the house.

He and Zheng Shou would build a strong fence and take strict precautions. They would never let the big bad wolf take away the little fat sheep named Yang QiQi. 

“I know.” She nodded, wrapped her arms around his neck, and interlocked all her fingers. When Nian JiMo held her butt with both hands to prop her up, she conveniently encircled her legs around his narrow waist.

“Ah Ji was really radiant today. At that time, all the Female Warriors who were present in the private booth were drooling after you and howling like wolves ah. Moreover, one of them said that she would agree to any of my conditions and even threatened me to give you to her~” She pinched his chin and lifted it up slightly. Taking a serious look at him, she thoughtfully stated: “With these long eyebrows and cool attitude… A handsome guy whose cold temperament resembles that of an immortal in snow; what kind of conditions should I set up so that I don’t suffer a loss?”

“With this unrivaled appearance, my perfection and good looks far exceed the other males. You will suffer no matter what conditions you set.”

“Oh? Then what should I do so that I won’t be at a disadvantage?”

“Of course, you should keep me nicely, put me at a proper place and take good care of me.”

“Well! I must keep you nicely, put you in a proper place and take good care of you.” She tilted her head and added with a smile: “I won’t abandon you because of any damage nor would I abandon you because of old age…”

Can this be considered QiQi’s confession? This is surely a confession, right?! It must be!

Countless flowers bloomed in Nian JiMo’s heart as the braid at the back of his head swung high into the air rapidly and tied a knot. However, his face was still as expressionless as before.

Therefore it could be said that the male beastman named Ah Le really proved to have foresight. No one would really be able to imitate Nian JiMo ah. Whatever his mood was on the inside, he would unswervingly maintain a blank face from start to finish. That was in the realm of supernatural ah! No common people except those whose facial nerves had become necrotic can achieve this kind of feat! (T/N: For those who forgot about Ah Le and his words, you can refer to this chapter and scroll down a little to read his telepathic dialogues with his friend.)

This male is unable to return the favor of Lady QiQi’s deep love, so he would like to devote both his life and body to her ah~~

In his heart, Nian JiMo threw his head back and started howling. He lowered his head and kissed her vigorously.

As Nian JiMo’s movements were a bit too fierce due to his stirred up emotions, his teeth broke the skin of Yang QiQi’s upper lip. When she opened her mouth in pain, his tongue seized the opportunity to force itself in and plunder her little mouth. After wrecking havoc, it took her tongue into his mouth.

This is abduction ah!

This is hijacking ah!!

This is illegal detention ah!!!

When he finally released her tongue, Yang QiQi promptly covered her mouth with her hands and looked at him with tears in her eyes. Seeing that he had extended his tongue once again wishing to continue the kiss, she felt so angry that she opened her mouth and nipped on the tip of his nose, leaving a few shallow teeth marks in its wake.

“You have bitten the wrong place. The right place to bite is here…” He said, pouting his lips.

“In your dreams!” She snorted and covered his mouth with her small hands. “Oh, that’s right! Where is Ah Shou?”

“It happens to be 43r001’s duty to lead a team for patrolling today afternoon and he just became 001 so he had to go! I have duty during the first half of the night, so I will leave after eating dinner.”

Yang QiQi touched his head sympathetically: Pitiful baby, although he can stay in the Saintess’s Church as an attendant, he will not be as free as before. I wonder if these two, who are accustomed to the unbounded life in the Saintess Forest, can adapt here ah?! Especially Ah Shou, can he get used to taking orders from others?

On the way back from the Ladies’ Combat Court, they unexpectedly saw Zheng Shou, who was leading a team of twenty people for patrolling. Seeing his valiant and fully spirited appearance, Yang QiQi felt that she was overthinking for nothing.

Not only did he smoothly adapt to this lifestyle, he was also thoroughly enjoying it!

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