The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 45 Part 1

Chapter 45: Yang QiQi’s Confession [Part 1]

Yang QiQi raised her head to look at the master of the hand that had grabbed her outstretched hand. It was unknown when Xiang BuChen had surpassed Ling Yue but at present, he was looking at her calmly with his deep eyes that did not dodge even when they made eye-contact.

Feeling a little pain in her hand, she tried to draw it back but to no avail. It was motionless; as if being held in place by pliers.

This doesn’t fall under the category of a normal and friendly handshake, does it?! Is this troublesome youngster taking liberties with this Sister?!

Yang QiQi raised her eyebrows as her face turned cold. Just as she was about to get angry, Ling Yue, who was standing across from her, sensed something amiss and put his hand over Xiang BuChen’s. Now, Xiang BuChen was holding Yang QiQi’s hand, and Ling Yue’s palm was pressed on the back of his palm. This simple action transformed Xiang BuChen’s rude act into a reasonable team conduct.

“Me too!” Tu Jin didn’t notice the peculiarity in the three people, and excitedly placed his hands on the top.

“Ling Yue, Xiang BuChen and Tu Jin of Han City’s Nursery Hall officially form a small team today, and swear an oath to Female Warrior, Lady Yang QiQi: Your enemy is our joint enemy, and your will is our joint will. Whether it is about being a sword or a shield, we will obey all your commands readily.”

Yang QiQi’s complexion cleared up a little as she nodded in response: “I accept Ling Yue, Xiang BuChen and Tu Jin as my partners. During the cooperation period, we will all enjoy the blessings and endure the misfortunes together.”

Although Ling Yue did not explicitly mention anything in his pledge, his words were somewhat vague since those were the duties of a Guardian Beast. It was a pity that Yang QiQi was already on her guard and immediately pointed this out with her words. She would only accept them as her partners, and it would only be during the “cooperation period” that they enjoy the blessings and endure the misfortunes together.

Ling Yue (╯﹏╰): In any case, this elder Brother is also the nominal top-ranked male of the Nursery Hall ah. No matter how many Female Warriors threw an olive branch to him, this elder Brother did not respond to them! For this reason, he even separated from his original team. Unexpectedly, the first time I take the initiative to vow my loyalty to a little female, she is determined not to accept me. How can I, this elder Brother, endure this hardship?!

Ling Yue and Tu Jin removed their hands but Xiang BuChen did not mend his ways. He continued to hold her hand.

“Let go.” Yang QiQi glared at him.

Nian JiMo did not speak. He directly used his palm to shoot an attack at his wrist. Xiang BuChen didn’t want to collide with him at this moment, so he removed his hand in time. Nian JiMo immediately dissipated the power of his attack and moved his hand to grab Yang QiQi. He pulled her towards him and confined her within his arms.

He stared at Xiang BuChen admonishingly for a while before saying to Ling Yue: “You can go back now and submit the application to the Nursery Hall. As for the Saintess Hall, I will report the situation to Lord Mu YouZhi.”

“Alright, that’s settled then.” Ling Yue nodded to Yang QiQi: “Lady QiQi, we will meet in the lecture room soon. For now, we’ll take our leave.”

“Okay. See you then.” Yang QiQi nodded in response.

Xiang BuChen followed behind him to leave. He didn’t respond to the murderous aura that Nian JiMo deliberately aimed at him. However, when he passed Yang QiQi, he glanced at her and showed an inexplicable smile.

“This Xiang BuChen…” Yang QiQi knitted her brows. Xiang BuChen’s gaze when he looked at her resembled that of a fierce beast eyeing its prey. It was really annoying!

She wiped the hand which he had grabbed on her skirt.

She must not get his smell on her body!

Nian JiMo lowered his head and put a kiss on her lips as he spoke: “This Xiang BuChen is very dangerous. By all means, QiQi must never meet with him alone.”

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