The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 44 Part 2

Chapter 44: A Cooperative Relationship [Part 2]

The young male who was speaking at this time had graceful light blue hair, long and narrow eyes, an aquiline nose, thin lips, and a slender stature which made him seem a bit weak. When viewed separately, his different facial features did not appear good-looking. Rather, they even looked somewhat harsh and dislikable. However, when they were put together, they became indescribably pure and handsome. Especially when he smiled like this, he could even cause the downfall of a country, just like the surging light of the bright moon.

“Ling Yue.” Nian JiMo called out his name correctly. It was because Luo Chong believed this Ling Yue to be one of the people he should keep an eye out for and also because he had described Ling Yue’s appearance in detail.

Ling Yue, who was fully deserving of his rank as the strongest underage male in Han City’s Nursery Hall, had left his former team two years ago. Although he looked as gentle as jade, he was someone who couldn’t bear having a grit in his eyes(1). He chose to stand up for the victims aka the male beastmen, everytime he witnessed an injustice. For this reason, he offended many ordinary female beastmen and Female Warriors. That is precisely why, despite his outstanding looks and strength, he had chosen to follow a solitary path.

‘Roar when one sees injustice on the road’ huh?! Interesting. He’s of the chivalrous type.

“You’re that Ling Yue ah.” A sentence that should have been expressed as a surprise came out in a monotone. “I won’t stop everyone but I will certainly block those people whom QiQi refuses to accept. Unfortunately, your little friend precisely falls into the latter category.” He paused, and looked at Xiang BuChen meaningfully. He said: “There are also some male beastmen who are dangerous for QiQi.”

“?” Ling Yue followed his gaze suspiciously and looked at Xiang BuChen, who was standing behind him.

Xiang BuChen curled his lips. He squinted his eyes slightly, turned his gaze towards Yang QiQi and smiled willfully. Nevertheless, he did not say a word.

Xiang BuChen had always been an eccentric person in Ling Yue’s eyes. He had not joined any team, and rarely even interacted with other males. In the eyes of those young males of the Nursery Hall, he was an unsociable and weird existence, but his strength was second only to Ling Yue. Hence, no no one provoked him at random.

Was he really second to Ling Yue? In any case, Ling Yue himself didn’t believe it. He always felt that Xiang BuChen was gloomy and terrifying. However, if someone wanted to use him as a shield to hide their real strength, why would he go and thoughtlessly expose them? Why would he make a formidable enemy for nothing?! Although it was true that he always fought against unfairness, he did not have a hole in his brain.

Seeing that Xiang BuChen did not intend to speak, Ling Yue continued: “A moment ago, the other Female Warriors were not very friendly to Female Warrior QiQi. If she wants to gain a foothold in this Saintess Hall, Female Warrior QiQi must have her own team of young male beastmen. Otherwise, how can she participate in the team battle challenges between the Female Warriors?” Ling Yue said with sincerity: “Every decent team of male beastmen of the Nursery Hall now has their own female. Therefore, why don’t you take us into consideration?”

Even the attendants of the Saintess Hall were not permitted to participate in the team challenges of the Female Warriors, let alone adult males like Nian JiMo and Zheng Shou. This was also the point that both of them were helpless about. Even if they were extremely reluctant, they definitely had to find a few young male beasts for Yang QiQi to meet the requirements and cope with the challenges of team battles among the Female Warriors.

The reason why Ling Yue was so concerned about them was also for this fact.

“You all?” Nian JiMo glanced at the other two behind him.

Things couldn’t get better since Ling Yue ranked the first by strength among the underage males of the Nursery Hall and didn’t have a female. However, according to their original plan, they were only willing to accept Ling Yue by Yang QiQi’s side. He had tested Tu Jin just now but he discovered that he was a little lacking in boldness, making him a not-so-good candidate. As for Xiang BuChen… Nian JiMo felt a headache coming as he thought: He seems to be more powerful than what he lets others see. If he really is the person I am looking for, then this Xiang BuChen is an out-and-out vicious beast ah!

Ling Yue took a look at his two companions.

Tu Jin’s eyes lit up. Knowing that things had turned for the better, he nodded hurriedly to express his wish.

“I’ll join too.” To their surprise, even the taciturn Xiang BuChen opened his mouth. It clearly belonged to a young male, but the tone of his voice was soothing and steady just like that of an adult male beast.

Although he was unable to distinguish the two voices, Nian JiMo felt that Xiang BuChen’s tone matched that person’s tone too well.

“Lady QiQi, do you think that the three of us can become your Guardian Beasts?” Ling Yue surpassed Nian JiMo and directly asked Yang QiQi.

A female beastman did not need the approval of her male beasts to choose her own Guardian Beasts. It was only after she had rejected the other party that her own male beasts could deal with this issue on her behalf.

Therefore, the crucial point was whether Yang QiQi would accept them.

“I really need to have my own team of male beasts. At this moment, I think that the three of you are indeed the most suitable choice for me.” Yang QiQi looked at Nian JiMo and replied after she saw him nodding slightly: “However, I will only accept Zheng Shou and Nian JiMo as my official Guardian Beasts now. If you agree to this, we can form a cooperative relationship. You need a powerful Female Warrior to lead you all the way to the top and I need a team of talented male beasts to cope with team battles.”

The three of them were silent, but all of them had a meaningful look in their eyes. As their representative, Ling Yue was the one who spoke again: “Just a cooperative partner? It’s really a bit difficult. However, time changes many things.” Ling Yue reached out his hand, “So, as partners, we must start our relationship by shaking hands.”

They had plenty of talent. As long as they were given enough time and space, they would surely grow to a height that would surprise her. When the time comes, even without them saying much, she would not be willing to part with them or let go of them.

It’s normal to shake hands after starting a cooperation. Yang QiQi stretched out her hand to Ling Yue but before her palm could touch his, it was grasped by another impatient and powerful hand from the opposite side.


(1) couldn’t bear having a grit in his eyes [眼里容不得沙子] – It means that he is unable put something objectional out of his mind or unable to turn a blind eye to something unfair.

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