The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 44 Part 1

Chapter 44: A Cooperative Relationship [Part 1] 

Oh my god! Did a shota just confess to this Sister?!

Yang QiQi’s little heart trembled. She let out a dry cough and spoke in a soft voice: “I am honored to have received your favor but I am not into underage males. Hence, I apologize. I can’t accept you.”

The blush on Tu Jin’s face faded. Suddenly, he looked up at her, and said in disbelief, “Why? Is it just because of my age? Lady QiQi is even younger than me ah. By the time you become an adult, I will have already become a mature male beast.” On the contrary, both of your current Guardian Beasts are too old. These words were on the tip of his tongue but rolled it back into his stomach. He didn’t utter it.

“It’s purely my personal preference…” Out of the corner of her eyes, Yang QiQi caught the glimpse of the silhouette standing at the door of the private booth. Using the back of her chair as a support, she jumped over the remaining few seats and rushed towards the door cheerfully: “Ah Ji!”

Nian JiMo bent his legs and spread his arms to embrace her. However his eyes were on the three underage males standing in the private booth. He had noticed that one of the males’ pupils shank subtly when he saw Yang QiQi jump out. It was the one with curly red hair.

Is it him?

He seemed to be seventeen or eighteen years in age. He had a pair of sword-like eyebrows(1) and peach blossom eyes(2), which made him appear both masculine and gracefully attractive. His height and body shape was more like an adult man’s than an ordinary teenager of the same age, which in fact, resembled that person. Although he had tried to weaken his sense of existence by standing behind his companions, his unbridled and aggressive aura was found out by Nian JiMo’s keen senses. But… Is that person really so young? A seventeen or eighteen year old Tier 3?

Xiang BuChen raised his head and looked back at Nian JiMo. His eyes were as calm as the limpid autumn waters, but there were dangerous undercurrents swirling in the depths of that water.

“I will grow up much faster than you.” Seeing Yang QiQi plunge into the arms of another male beastman like a young bird seeking refuge in the forest, Tu Jin felt unreconciled and yelled from behind her.

Did another male beast get fascinated by QiQi’s charm?

Nian JiMo swept his gaze over Tu Jin: This one is too young. He has a pretty good potential but it is not enough at the moment.

“I’ll wait for you to challenge me in a few years.” Nian JiMo stared at him coldly, suddenly aiming his murderous spirit in their direction. “For now, you should be content that I let you off.”

He never considered it to be a disgrace to take unfair advantage of or bully the younger ones. Since this male dared to confess to Yang QiQi in front of him, then he must prepare himself to face the consequences.

Nian JiMo’s murderous aura rushed towards Tu Jin like a fierce beast, making him sluggish, as if he had fallen into an ice cave. Soon, the blood on his face faded, and it turned as pale as paper.

Even if Tu Jin had a good innate skill, he was still just a cub who had yet to grow up. When Nian JiMo’s murderous aura shrouded his body, he trembled. A hand stretched forward and pulled him out of the range of Nian JiMo’s aura. Tu Jin let out a deep and long breath, feeling that his whole body had relaxed after regaining life.

“Ling Yue…” He gratefully looked at the person who helped him.

Ling Yue took a step forward and protected Tu Jin behind him.

“Nian JiMo, why should you be so overbearing?” Ling Yue smiled and spoke once again: “With Female Warrior QiQi’s appearance, there will be numerous males who will approach her. Even if you stop Tu Jin, do you think you will be able to stop everyone?”

Yang QiQi certainly did not expect that the action of throwing herself into Nian JiMo’s bosom would cause him to be mocked by these young males in a matter of just a few moments. Therefore, when she heard Ling Yue’s words at this time, she looked at Nian JiMo’s blank face and then turned to look at the three teenagers behind her with some confusion.


(1) sword-like eyebrows [剑眉] – Refers to straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards.

Sword-like eyebrows

(2) peach blossom eyes [桃花眼] — Whoever has this type of eyes are seen as alluring, seductive and affectionate. One of the most beautiful eyes. They look like petals of a peach blossom, and when laughing, look like crescent moons. Double-lidded and long with tails slightly tilting upwards. (Description source: Reddit and image source: Twitter) You can read more about this here.

Peach blossom eyes

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Hmmm who is that guy trying to hide himself among the teenagers 🤔 Thanks for the chapter 🙃

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