The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 36 Part 2

Chapter 36: I Have Set My Mind On Her [Part 2]

“Huh?” Yang QiQi was dumbfounded. It was only at this time that she finally realized that this “Guardian Beast Qualification War” was directly linked to the quota for being her man. In other words, because WuMing had challenged Zheng Shou and successfully defeated him, he is now one of her soon-to-be men? That is, in her previous life’s terms, this weird man was also one of her fiancés?!

“I absolutely refuse to let you join,” From the side, Nian JiMo said coldly: “Therefore, if you want to become QiQi’s guardian beast, wait until you defeat me.”

Not bad, not bad. Yang QiQi patted her small chest: Fortunately, he’s just a prospective fiancé. Fortunately, he has to pass a barrier called Nian JiMo before he actually becomes one.

WuMing turned his eyes to Nian JiMo and stared at the orthopedic cast around both of his arms: “After you recover from your injury, I will come for you. You can’t stop me.” Pointing at Yang QiQi, he said: “She… I have set my mind on her.”

“Can I refuse ah?” Yang QiQi asked weakly.

“A female cannot refuse a male beast who has defeated her guardian beast during the challenge. If her other males resolutely oppose, as long as they defeat the challenger, the newcomer is unable to become her partner.” Standing beside her, Luo Chong explained in a low voice.

Yang QiQi /(tot)/~~: Forcing someone to buy or sell is unacceptable…

“M’Lady, I may not be able to stay by your side in the near future, but when the time is up, I will look for you again.” WuMing bent slightly, then turned around and walked out of the field. “Nian JiMo, you have to recover soon. I look forward to fighting with you.”

“I won’t let you wait for a long time.” Nian JiMo secretly gritted his teeth. In fact, he was not sure if he could successfully cope with the fighting skills that males could learn only after they reach Tier 4. However, no one knows what the final outcome would be. Maybe he won’t lose the battle. He was the final barrier to stop that male, so no matter what, he would have to stop WuMing.

Yang QiQi grasped Nian JiMo’s hand and looked at him with piercing eyes: Hmm, Nian JiMo’s physique and foundation are very good. As long as he is given special training after his injuries have healed, it is possible for him to defeat WuMing.

Zheng Shou, who was lying on the ground ever since, woke up after being drenched in cold water by two attendants. He sat up and said: “F*ck! Why was this Daddy sleeping on the ground? Who ah? Who lacks the basic respect for others… Pouring water on this daddy’s face… Ouch! My neck hurts so much…” Suddenly he finally remembered how he fell to the ground. He jumped up and pushed away the two attendants who wanted to help him up and angrily looked for the nameless male who knocked him out. Nevertheless, he did not see even his shadow.

“Where’s that WuMing? I’m going to fight with him once more. This old bear was careless this time, so it doesn’t count.” Zheng Shou grabbed Luo Chong’s arm, “Can you ask someone to find him? I want a rematch.”

“If you lose, you lose. As a male beast, how can you not afford to lose?” Luo Chong finally found a chance to vent himself, and said with a smile: “Actually, even if you fight again, you will still lose. You yourself know in your heart that you are unable to break his offense. No matter how long you last, he would always figure out the opportunity to hit your key points. Therefore, Zheng Shou, you should give up.”

The anger in Zheng Shou’s eyes gradually faded. Luo Chong was right. He could only passively defend against WuMing’s strange techniques. Even if he didn’t act carelessly at that time, he would have still lost the game sooner or later.

He wiped his face and turned around to kneel in front of Yang QiQi. He hugged her in his arms, rested his head on her shoulders, and said in frustration, “QiQi, I sold you out to an outsider. I’m very useless, aren’t I? “

“Did you sell me out?” Yang QiQi pretended to be relaxed and said to him, “I, Yang QiQi, am not an object. I’m not someone whom anyone can get if they desire it. I have accepted you, Zheng Shou and Nian JiMo. You can’t get rid of me even if you want it afterwards. As for that WuMing, as long as I don’t want him, he can’t force himself on me.”

Digging out his head from her neck, she put her forehead against his, and said in a coaxing tone: “Victory or defeat is a commonplace in the military operations. There is a saying in back at my birthplace: Don’t judge a hero by their momentary success or failure. Zheng Shou, you lost today. But as long as you work hard to improve your own strength, one day you will defeat him and become a truly strong person. I believe in you, so how can you be discouraged? Besides, if you say that you are useless, I will be angry.”

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