The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 35 Part 2

Chapter 35: A Cockroach? An Ant? A Maggot? A Flea? [Part 2]

Generally speaking, in such a huge and sturdy arena dedicated to combat, even if a female beastman was present, she would be placed on a high platform, so that there would be no safety concerns. Under these circumstances, the male beastmen instinctively like to fight in their beast forms. Only those beastmen with awfully unusual beast forms would have this requirement.

The blue veins on WuMing’s face jumped violently, but because it was covered with a mask, other people couldn’t see his expression. They just felt that he was abnormally silent.

Zheng Shou had the expression saying “So I guessed it! I feel so sorry for you…” pasted on his face.

He shook his body and transformed back into his human form.

I, this old bear, am very kind. I will absolutely never do things like Nian JiMo, a male that specializes in stepping on other people’s toes. Oh, this is equal to complimenting myself… Nevertheless, with such a great and shining advantage over Nian JiMo, can I ask QiQi for a warm kiss to commend myself later?

Seeing that the expression on Zheng Shou’s face was gradually turning wretched, WuMing couldn’t help being even more angry: Unexpectedly, you dare to become absent-minded in front of me! Isn’t this just naked contempt?!

“You are courting death!” He yelled angrily and darted towards Zheng Shou. His fast pace caused his legs to turn into a shadow.

“What a fast speed ah!” Yang QiQi looked at WuMing in shock as he kicked Zheng Shou countless times in an instant. The only thing she saw was a ghostly shadow and heard a few “bang bang bang”. Although this type of moves still rely on the strong physical abilities of the beastmen, they were some simple techniques. If the angle was changed, the situation would reverse. “Do you also have this kind of technique for fighting here?” Nian JiMo’s face was solemn and grave. “It is said that after reaching Tier 4, the males would be assigned under their respective technique instructors by the Saintess Hall. This beastman should have seen battles of males above Tier 4. Most probably, he discovered and learned these simple moves by himself.”

He is a martial arts genius ah, isn’t he?!

Yang QiQi had once been the Battalion Commander of the “Future Battalion”, and most people who were or had been leaders loved talented individuals. Yang QiQi was no exception to that. At this moment, she was staring at WuMing with shining eyes while holding the protective handrails with both hands. The upper half of her body was leaning over it.

Nian JiMo wrapped his braid around her waist to prevent her from falling out inadvertently, and squinted coldly at WuMing, the male who attracted Yang QiQi’s attention. This was the first time he had seen her become so interested in a male. Even when she met Mei BaoQin in the Saintess Forest, she was only shocked by his temperament at first. She hadn’t acted any differently from usual after that initial surprise.

And they didn’t even see the real appearance of the male she had shown such attention.

Well, there is no choice but to say this. Nian JiMo, you have truly misunderstood Yang QiQi. This “interest” was not the same as the other “interest”.

Zheng Shou suffered a lot this time. Although the sound was terrible, the effect of WuMing’s footwork on Zheng Shou, who had thick and rough skin, was almost negligible. It’s just that it was highly impossible for him to defend himself and fight back against this type of footwork at the same time.

In front of his darling QiQi, the male beastman who did not even announce his real name, hit him as a sandbag. This was really the highest humiliation for Zheng Shou.

Anyway, if I can’t defend, I might as well stop defending altogether.

Zheng Shou lowered his arms covering his head and face, creating a pathway for his opponent to continue attacking. After making sure that he got an opportunity to attack, he waved his powerful fist at the swiftly moving silhouette. This punch contained so much force that if WuMing were to get hit by it, he would either die or become a cripple. But WuMing was indeed exceptional. All the people present saw him forcibly turn his body towards the other side abruptly in mid-air, crouch on the ground with one foot, and whirl around 180° to kick the side of Zheng Shou’s neck with his other foot.

Although this move looked light and easy to do, there were high requirements for a person to actually accomplish this technique successfully. The person who wanted to carry this out must have a resilient and sturdy waist, precise timing, and the muscles of the whole body to have a high degree of coordination. Not a single one was dispensable.

Zheng Shou didn’t expect the opponent to change his offensive stance in that situation, and deliver the most fatal blow.

The neck is the most fragile area. A kick with that kind of strength was only at most a little painful on the other parts of his body. Nonetheless as it was on the side of the neck, it directly made him kneel on the ground and pass out.

“Ah Shou!” Seeing Zheng Shou fall to the ground, Yang QiQi couldn’t care about admiring talents anymore. With her heart hung up, she screamed and was about to run to the walkway. Nian JiMo picked her up with his braid and put her on his back. Stepping on the handrail, he directly jumped down into the arena.

“Hurry down and take a look.” Niu QingTian hurriedly ordered the attendant behind him.

Although Luo Chong felt happy in his heart, his face had the expression of concern. He leaped down from over the handrail like Nian JiMo.

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