The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 35 Part 1

Chapter 35: A Cockroach? An Ant? A Maggot? A Flea? [Part 1]

Aiyaya… How poisonous was Zheng Shou’s tongue? This one sentence from Zheng Shou made Mr. Spider go crazy with rage. He had already forgotten that he could spin silk as he rushed towards his opponent hoping to crush him with his body.

Zheng Shou thought: All you need to do is come straight at me. If we are to compare our beast forms, whether it is weight or size, this old bear can defeat you easily.

Zheng Shou also transformed into his beast form, and a huge bear paw went straight at Lu Shou’s face to swat him away. But his eight spider legs left the ground simultaneously as he jumped up into the air quickly. Zheng Shou’s palm was met with emptiness. However, he suddenly howled and changed his posture stiffly before moving his palm at Lu Shou’s direction. Lu Shou opened his mouth and spurted out a thread of white silk. After it stuck to his opponent’s palm and wrist, it spontaneously circled around Zheng Shou’s hand as if it had gained life; thereby completely binding his right palm. However, before Lu Shou could feel pleased with himself, Zheng Shou rigorously shook his right hand and used the same thread of white spider silk to slam Lu Shou down from the air to the ground, causing him to see stars in daytime. A dense cloud of dust spread around the area where Lu Shou greeted the floor.

When Zheng Shou saw this, he swung his arm at his opponent, following the theory of “slaying the opponent while he is at a disadvantage”. Waving his right arm again, he threw Lu Shou, who was still dizzy, into the air again. This time, he used himself as the pivot and swung Lu Shou around in a circle. It just so happened that at this exact moment, the three subordinates of Lu Shou had rushed towards Zheng Shou to besiege him from all sides. As a result, they were all flung around and landed on the ground with a few “bang bang bang”. In the arena, as soon as the two ducks flew in and one bobcat jumped up, they were all sent flying by their Lord Deputy Commander.

Yang QiQi looked at the giant bear in the arena, who was still holding the poor black spider by his legs while throwing coquettish glances at herself. She couldn’t help but think: Tier 3 vs. Tier 2. This is one party completely crushing the other without any hint of doubt!

“Brother Shou’s next opponent is an expert.” Nian JiMo sat next to her, staring at the masked man who had never said a word and had hidden himself at the edge of the arena far away. The masked man noticed something and looked up at him. His eyes were vicious and indifferent, containing a faint bloody aura within them.

This person was dangerous. He must be the type of solitary male that wandered around. This kind of a male was both ruthless and cold-blooded. They usually don’t belong to any team and could go to any extreme to achieve their purpose.

“Tch~” Nian JiMo was also an arrogant and obstinate person. His bloodthirst was aroused by this male beastman and the fine grey scales on his forehead stood up. A murderous expression passed through his cold eyes, and the braid on the back of his head pointed at the masked man and stood up straight right after that. 

(Author’s Note – To all of my dear readers, you can comprehend this motion of the braid as the gesture that people make by erecting their middle finger.)

The masked man’s pupils shrank. He stretched out his left palm towards Nian JiMo from a distance, and then slowly clenched his five fingers, as if he had already captured Nian JiMo in his palm, and was slowly squeezing him.

Unwilling to be outdone, Nian JiMo’s braid cut through the air viciously, as if it was dismembering a corpse.

While the two were still engaged in their aerial war, Zheng Shou had already ended his one-sided, overwhelmingly oppressive battle with a beautiful flying kick.

After watching the attendants who were in charge of clearing the arena of the Saintess Hall, lifting the four male beastmen who had been piled up together, Zheng Shou turned his gaze to the masked man.

“What should I call you?” As he asked, Zheng Shou twisted the remaining spider silk on his palm into a small ball, shaped it into a bullet, and shot it out.

“WuMing.” The voice was a little hoarse and mechanical. Obviously, he had a voice changer in his mouth. (T/N: WuMing means nameless; no name. So he’s actually saying that he doesn’t have a name but I have kept it in pinyin.)

Zheng Shou: (o_o”)…

To say that… This Mister, aren’t you a little too lazy ah? Is it so difficult to get even a decent pseudonym?

“Use human form.” WuMing said again.

“Okay. The form doesn’t matter to me. Any one will do.” Zheng Shou squinted his eyes and looked up and down at the other person. “Your beast form is something that people can’t see, is it? A cockroach? An ant? A maggot? A flea?…”

Generally speaking, in such a huge and sturdy arena dedicated to combat, even if a female beastman was present, she would be placed on a high platform, so that there would be no safety concerns. Under these circumstances, the male beastmen instinctively like to fight in their beast forms. Only those beastmen with awfully unusual beast forms would have this requirement.

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I like the story so far but Unfortunately I’m seriously considering dropping it because of this Dragneel website. There’s just so many adds and garbage to deal with to read each chapter. I understand one or two but I counted Eleven.

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Reply to  Pyro

Hey Pyro, I am sorry about you are seeing too many ads. Unfortunately, I don’t control the ads. Google does. But let me see what I can do.

Edit: I made some changes. Let’s wait for a week, I will ask others if they are seeing too many ads. If others say the same, I will turn off the ads.

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