The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 34 Part 2

Chapter 34: Cook Them Together In A Pot [Part 2]

Zheng Shou picked up the napkin on the side and wiped his mouth. He said to Yang QiQi: “QiQi, you eat slowly. I will go and solve the problem outside. After I come back, I will accompany you to continue eating.”

Everyone: (—_—;)

Do you think that the other people are all made of paper? Do you think you can defeat everyone just by blowing air from your mouth?

“Ah Shou, I want to go too.” Yang QiQi quickly poured the rest of the milk from the cup into her mouth, and grabbed his sleeve with her other hand.

Woo~ Let’s go and fight~

If one were to ask a martial artist what their favorite means of recreation was, their reply would always be: Fight!

If asked again: What is your favorite sport? The answer would be: Fight!

Zheng Shou hugged Yang QiQi and his two thick lips covered her small mouth. With a clicking sound, his big tongue made a circular motion over her lips, and licked off the pinkish milk foam on her lips into his own mouth.

Ahh, little females should have this smell~

Yang QiQi’s palm slapped his big mouth with one hand and pushed him away with all her strength. She urged him: “Ah Shou, hurry up.”

The enemy was too strong last time. They were afraid that she would be affected, so they didn’t let her go to the scene to watch and left her alone in the treehouse. All she could was worry about them while staying alone in the house. This time, she refused to stay behind alone and be worried.

“Is QiQi going to cheer for me?” Zheng Shou’s felt touched and said in an excited tone, “Don’t worry, QiQi. I will scare them witless. I will never cause you to lose face!”

Zheng Shou looked at the male beastmen who came to challenge him in the arena of the Saintess Hall. All of them seemed to have been injected with chicken blood. He couldn’t help but glance at Yang QiQi who was sitting among the audience with grievance on his face: QiQi, in fact, you came to here cheer for these males, right?! It feels like they have all been highly stimulated after seeing you. Doesn’t it make it more difficult for me?! This is the opposite of my expectations. I thought that I would not face any experts in this small town on the margin of the desert. I really didn’t expect that two of these people would be of a higher rank than Tier 1.

One had the strength of Tier 2. Although he clearly had three helpers beside him from the same team, it was not too difficult for him to “cook them together in a pan”. However, the other person wearing a white wooden mask was obviously a real master. He was just standing quietly behind the four people, but he made Zheng Shou feel a faint sense of danger from him.

Tier 4? No, not reached that level yet.

Tier 3? He was a Tier 3 male, but he was much stronger than an ordinary male of Tier 3. And, that male was in the same rank as him. His stature was medium yet he appeared reserved, so he must not be a pure force-type. Nonetheless his strength was certainly not small. He had some nimble characteristics at the same time. Such an opponent was very difficult to deal with, being somewhat similar to Nian JiMo.

Zheng Shou’s face was still full of carelessness, but he secretly increased his vigilance towards the masked man.

“Are you that Zheng Shou who threatened to cook us together in a pot?” All the muscles on Lu Shou’s body were tightened and stretched. Although there was no sign of fear on his face, he was afraid that he would be defeated today. As soon as Zheng Shou had appeared, he knew that he had miscalculated this time. The opposing party’s powerful aura that suppressed him obviously did not belong to Tier 2. He was at least in the middle or the high level in Tier 3.

A little female who awakened dual attributes was really rare. She had such a powerful Guardian Beast beside her from the very beginning.

Lu Shou glanced obsessively at the little female among the audience. He took a deep breath and thought: Even if this match resulted in a defeat, at least, I had worked hard to gain such an unparalleled beauty. Even if I lose, I have no regrets!

Those in the mercenary profession were always dancing on the tip of a knife. Only few people choose to take this path as they are not afraid of death. It’s just that this time he was careless. If he didn’t take the strength of his opponent for granted, but took his time to inquire about his strength beforehand, he would’ve notified the leader to come over. He would have been a lot more confident then. However, now, he could only proceed to fight.

Zheng Shou touched his nose: “Yeah, it’s me, Zheng Shou. I’m the Guardian Beast of Lady QiQi and I was the one who said that I wanted to cook you all together in a pot. However, I want to take back that sentence now.”


“A bobcat, two ducks and… Oh, there’s one who is still a spider. If you all are cooked together in a pot, the dish must taste terrible.” Zheng Shou mocked.

He excluded the Tier 3 expert from his words. Of course, experts have their own pride. How could they fight with a group of Tier 1 and Tier 2 males? Isn’t that an insult to them?!

“You are bullying too much!” Lu Shou suddenly changed his form, and a giant silver-striped black spider appeared in the arena. His eight long and furry legs created the illusion of a string when he shot towards Zheng Shou.

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