The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 34 Part 1

Chapter 34: Cook Them Together In A Pot [Part 1]

“Brother Shou, there are some people here who take us for weaklings.” Nian JiMo’s ears were very good. Although the attendant’s voice was low, he was still able to hear it. It was really interesting. In this small MoBian Town, someone dared to challenge even them.

Zheng Shou also heard it. But he said nonchalantly: “What makes ‘us’ weaklings?! Isn’t it obvious that the people you are talking about aimed their challenge at me?! With your current injury, even if those people win, it would be a disgrace for them.” After saying that, he rubbed Yang QiQi’s hair with a sad expression: “QiQi, your excellence puts us two under a lot of pressure… I thought that we would be challenged only when we enter the Han city, but now that you have just entered this small MoBian Town, some people have already started liking you. Woo woo woo… Nian JiMo was also a male from a Yellow-Rank Saintess Hall before but I’m still unknown ah. Those males must have felt that since Nian JiMo is injured now, they could come and bully me as they please…”

Everyone’s head was full of black lines looking at the big and sturdy black bear pretending to be too weak to stand up to the wind[1] and “seeking protection, comfort, caress and kisses” from Yang QiQi… Sure enough, a person without any sense of shame can go to any heights of shamelessness!

“You can’t even deal with the males in this small MoBian Town. I suggest that you don’t go to the Han city, but directly go back to the Saintess Forest.” Pushing aside the plate with his braid, Nian JiMo said coolly: “Even if I can’t use my arms, I can just use my braid to defeat them.”

His braid cooperated very well with his words and bent itself in the pose of a dragon – Humph!

“Who said I can’t defeat them? Aren’t they just some dried shrimps of Tier 1? You. Whoever you are, lead the way for me now.” He pointed to the attendant who had just entered, stood up in a mighty manner and shouted: “You go out and tell them to gather up in one place. No matter how many people they are, this old bear will go and cook them together in a pot. Let them know that if this old bear had not been imprisoned in the Saintess Forest since he was 13 years old, he could have even entered the Red-Rank Saintess Hall.”

Seeing that his own HallMaster nodded, the attendant accepted the order and withdrew.

In fact, he had not said it, but two of the challengers do not belong to Tier 1.

One of them was Lu Shou[2], the deputy commander of the mercenary regiment who came from Han City. He was born in MoBian Town and grew up in this Saintess Hall. However, after he advanced to Tier 2, he went to Han City for future development. He did not find the female beastman he liked even after he became an adult. He was reluctant to sacrifice his martial arts for the sake of a female in case she was an ordinary one, so he formed the “Sharp Blades Mercenary Group” with his team and became its deputy commander. This time, he was passing through his hometown out of nostalgia after completing his mission. However, he heard that there was a beautiful little female called Lady QiQi in the Saintess Hall, who had just arrived. She was young, beautiful, and more importantly, she awakened dual attributes, so her future was definitely limitless. Taking advantage of the fact that the strength of her Guardian Beasts was not too strong, it would be for the best if he could secure a place by her side. Therefore, he took his three team members and sent a request to the Saintess Hall to formally challenge her Guardian Beasts.

As for the other one, he was a through and through outsider in the small town. He had been here for the past two days. He usually lived in the only small hotel of the town. Apart from eating, he was cooped up in his room all day long. However, his aura appeared a little stronger than Lu Shou’s. It seemed that he was a male of Tier 3 at the very least. 

Should he tell Zheng Shou about these two? The attendant curled his lips. He didn’t want to do it. Didn’t he proudly announce that he would “cook them together in a pot”? He will watch him become a joke later!


[1] too weak to stand up to the wind [弱不禁風] — Means a person who is extremely delicate or is in a fragile state of health.

[2] Shou [壽] — Lu Shou’s “Shou” is different from Zheng Shou’s “Shou”. Zheng Shou’s “Shou”(狩) means hunting/hunter while Lu Shou’s “Shou”(壽) means longevity/long life.

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