The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 33 Part 2

Chapter 33: Cannot Favor And Discriminate Against The Other [Part 2]

“Yesterday, Lady QiQi returned to her room early. How are you today after taking a rest?” Niu QingTian touched his goatee and asked with a smile.

“Well, I feel really good now.” Yang QiQi smiled, “This is also thanks to the thoughtful arrangement of the Lord HallMaster.” She added silently in her heart: It would have been better if you had arranged separate rooms for me and these two males. She was still a minor now ah, a MINOR. What’s the difference between putting those two ferocious dragon and tiger with her in the same room and putting a little rabbit into a wolf’s den? Are they not worried that those two would have already taken advantage of her by now?

In fact, Yang QiQi was thinking too much. The Beast World cherished underaged female beastmen very much. If something of that sort were to happen, the male beastman who had committed the crime would inevitably be punished. Of course, there were exceptions too, that is, when such a thing happened under the fervent request of an underaged female, the male beastman would only receive a symbolic corporal punishment. Generally, he would be punished with whipping.

“Good morning, Lady QiQi.” Luo Chong smiled and nodded.

“Good morning, Lord Luo Chong.” Yang QiQi glanced at the man strangely. He was normal when he danced with her yesterday. Why did she feel that he was acting a little distant now? Although he was still smiling on the surface and his tone was still cordial and enthusiastic, he just gave her this feeling.

Could it be that she had tormented him that cruelly during their dance yesterday?

Yang QiQi thought a little in his heart: In the future, I will find male beastmen with matching heights… But, for achieving this, can I only select from among those immature little beast cubs from now on? Gosh! This Elder Sister is the most bothered by those edgy young boys and those mischievous little demons ah.

Her breakfast consisted of some fresh vegetables and pastries with a cup of pinkish milk drink.

All of them were delicious. The milk drink was fruity and tasted somewhat sweet, but it was certainly not greasy.

“QiQi, have a taste of my meat rolls.” Zheng Shou attentively put the food he had bitten into Yang QiQi’s mouth.

What if someone pointed out that this was a little too unhygienic at this moment?

Zheng Shou would have sneered at him without a doubt: This old bear and his darling QiQi have already shared even the tiniest of things. How could a little bit of saliva possibly be of any insignificance?

He had no relation with the so-called dining etiquette. 

Hehe, telling Zheng Shou, who was still rubbing his mud back against the tree trunks in the Saintess Forest a few days ago about such high-level etiquette stuff, isn’t it the highest respect one could show him?! This guy had lived the life of a barbarian for nearly twenty full years, alright?! He is the one who had broken away from mankind’s civilization ah, tch~

Yang QiQi’s mentality was also very strong. She only hesitated a little seeing the gnawed crescent-shaped meat roll that was placed before her mouth nevertheless she took a bite out of it in front of the few staring eyes.

Zheng Shou’s lips raised so much into a smile that his eyes seemed to have disappeared from their sockets. He swallowed the remaining half of the meat roll in his hand readily, making his cheeks bulge out.

After Yang QiQi swallowed it, another meat roll was extended in front of her mouth, which had also been gnawed.

Lifting her eyes, she saw that it was Nian JiMo’s braid which was holding it. She sighed: Fine. This Elder Sister cannot favor one and discriminate against the other.

Yang QiQi took a bite from this meat roll, and finally settled the two.

One woman having more than one man also requires her to have some skills ah. It was not easy to handle them impartially.

However, the other two bystanders on the table had different thoughts.

Niu QingTian thought: Lady QiQi is really docile and considerate ah. It is a blessing to be her Guardian Beast. I don’t know how much storm her arrival will kick up at the Saintess Hall in Han City. The young attendants there will definitely pursue her with great enthusiasm! However, with Zheng Shou and Nian JiMo by her side, it would be very difficult for them to succeed. Didn’t Luo Chong also suffer a hidden loss in their hands?

Niu QingTian was also an experienced person. How could he not see the changes in Luo Chong’s attitude towards Yang QiQi now?

Luo Chong looked down and concentrated on eating his own breakfast, but he ate without tasting the food.

“My Lords, please pardon my intrusion.” An attendant hurriedly walked in and whispered something in Niu QingTian’s ear.

Niu QingTian uttered an “Oh”, his eyes sweeping past Zheng Shou and Nian JiMo.

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