The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 33 Part 1

Chapter 33: Cannot Favor One And Discriminate Against The Other [Part 1]

Yang QiQi dreamed that she had become a mussel. Originally she was spitting bubbles and washing the flesh inside her in the river, when everything around her suddenly spun around. She felt that she was being picked up from the water by a big hand so she hurriedly closed her two shells tightly and sealed her delicate flesh away from danger.

“What a big and fat mussel ah.” A man’s loud voice sounded above her head.

This voice is so familiar. Where did I hear it?

Where was it?

When she hadn’t even remembered who the man was, another man took her over. She heard him say coldly: “It’s really fat. We can freeze it for a while and slice it thinly to eat.”

Then he conveniently threw her into an ice bucket… Ouch, it’s too cold ah… Is he really going to make sashimi[1]? Wu~ You must not ah…

“It’s best to eat it by roasting. So, throw it into the fire.” The first man fished her out of the bucket and threw her into an open fire.

“No, it’s better to keep it in ice.”

“It’s more delicious when it’s grilled.”

“Freeze it and slice it…”

Yang QiQi was constantly thrown into either the ice bucket or the fire by the two men. Finally, she couldn’t help it anymore and shouted: “Stir-fry is the best!”

The two big hands finally stopped their movement. One of the hands stretched out a finger and poked her in the face: “QiQi, QiQi, what is the best?”

“Stir-fry…” Yang QiQi woke up in a daze. The ‘finger’ she thought was poking her in the face turned out to be Nian JiMo’s magical braid. She finally remembered whom the two familiar voices in her dream belonged to. Nian JiMo’s voice suggested freezing her to turn her into a sashimi while Zheng Shou’s voice insisted on roasting her.

She turned her body and finally understood why she had such a strange dream. She was currently sandwiched between two strong male bodies, she faced Nian JiMo while resting in his cool embrace. On the other hand, Zheng Shou’s fiery chest stuck to her back.

… Is this the origin of the ice bucket and the open fire? This is really an apt contrast between ice and fire ah…

“QiQi, are you hungry?” Zheng Shou touched her belly and rubbed it with his hand, speaking in her ear with a somewhat hoarse voice.

Perceiving a fiery rod sticking to her butt, Yang QiQi’s face turned white and then red. She squeezed her whole body towards Nian JiMo in discomfort… Fine. Morning erection ah, is a normal physiological phenomenon. Sister must be calm. Sister is not allowed to make a fuss.

“I’m hungry.” She blushed, but she did not lose the composure on her face. Quickly jumping out of bed, she went into the bathroom.

It was early in the morning ah, but both sides were already dangerous. In any case, if something goes off and they go out of control and attack her, this small body of hers would be blown into dregs. For the sake of safety, it is better to flee.

“It’s better to exercise some restraint so that it can work properly.” Nian JiMo coolly glanced at Zheng Shou’s lower body.

Zheng Shou blinked. He didn’t understand what Nian JiMo was talking about for a while: “Restraint? But I did not…” Following his line of sight, Zheng Shou looked at his little brother who was ready to support the sky as a single pillar[2]. He understood that he was just being looked down upon by Nian JiMo. This hateful brat, this was equal to grabbing his painful leg and stepping on it vigorously ah. He grumbled and stretched out his leg to kick him.

Nian JiMo unhurriedly got out of the bed, skillfully avoiding the big bear’s leg attack.

“Who… Who can’t? Say! Who can’t?! Ah– Nian JiMo, you brat! Tell me clearly!!” Nian JiMo glanced at him faintly: “The one who is anxious is the one who can’t.”

“Nian.Ji.Mo!” Zheng Shou gritted his teeth and yelled, “Smelly brat, when your arm heals, let’s fight a duel.”

“I am happy to accompany you.” With a flick of his braids, he went into the bathroom, leaving behind the miserable Zheng Shou, who was still complaining.

Yang QiQi was brushing her teeth in the bathroom, but her ears were not idle. She heard the two men’s noisy argument outside. Say, these two were always quarreling with each other, but if something were to happen, they would always protect each other. Is this the friendship between men?

Nian JiMo leaned against the door frame of the bathroom. Looking at Yang QiQi who was brushing her, his gray-blue eyes were overflowing with gentleness akin to the warm sun in March or the cool breeze in April.

Yang QiQi glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. She couldn’t help but sigh with a mouthful of foam: Male hormones ah! This half-naked chest, laid-back and unconstrained posture, coupled with an already outstanding look, is really too sexy, don’t you think so?! However, Brother White Python, no matter how glamorous you are, this Elder Sister has no appetite now ah. So, please don’t seduce me anymore~

After the three of them washed up, they followed the attendant who had been waiting at the door to the dining room, where Luo Chong and Niu QingTian were already waiting.


[1] sashimi [刺身] — I know you all know about this dish but for those who are yet to be familiar with those dish, it’s a japanese dish made from raw/uncooked fish or meat. They are frozen to kill the germs and then sliced into thin pieces and generally eaten by dipping it in soy sauce. And yeah, its different from sushi.


[2] to support the sky as a single pillar [一柱擎天] — It’s an idiom that means to take a crucial responsibility upon one’s shoulders.

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