The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 32 Part 1

Chapter 32: Suffering Every Moment Now Ah~ [Part 1]

There were long tables on each side of the hall filled with various types of food.

Not only did she see golden roasted meat, but also all kinds of uniquely-shaped, queer-colored pastries and different kinds of fruit platters. Unexpectedly, Yang QiQi found a few crystal jars filled with candies too…

“QiQi ah, this pita bread made using natural yeast is delicious. The meat inside is tender and juicy and the sweet and sour sauce in it is the most suitable for young females of your age.” Zheng Shou eagerly displayed that he was a good beastman who would never let his partner stay hungry, so he readily gave up the opportunity to dance with Yang QiQi and brought her food yet he still refused to put her down. He placed her directly on his lap. Even when Yang QiQi twisted his ears, he insisted on doing this without any signs of yielding.

In fact, Yang QiQi’s pinching didn’t hurt him at all. He smiled inwardly: beating equals intimacy while cursing equals love. Didn’t she see that the female named Li Ya twisted the flesh of her male beastman?! Awesome, QiQi learns so quickly!

Yang QiQi had never been a greedy person, but smelling the aroma of the delicious food that was placed under her nose, she still swallowed: It’s really fragrant.

Between food or Zheng Shou’s ears, food wins!

As soon as she opened her mouth and took a small bite, her eyes lit up. She quickly took it from Zheng Shou and ate it all.

The beastmen sitting around them all secretly swallowed their saliva when they saw her expression during eating. As for what kind of craving was induced in them, only they knew in their hearts.

Because this pita bread was something that their Lady QiQi liked to eat, and the surrounding beastmen also tasted this particular dish hurriedly. As a result, the big plates were emptied almost immediately.

After eating the last bite of the food in her hand, Yang QiQi burped contentedly. Zheng Shou fed her some sweet juice and grabbed her hands to wipe her fingers one by one with a wet wipe. After eating and drinking, Yang QiQi nestled lazily in Zheng Shou’s arms, enjoying his meticulous service with admiration in her eyes.

The male beasts around them stared at her with infatuation: Lady QiQi is so adorable ah, just like a newly born kitten~ She is so soft,just like a glutinous rice ball~

While they were still having their dinner, the dance music became more soothing and warm, the lights were dimmed, and the sweethearts on the dance floor began dancing in slow rhythm, sticking close to each other.

This kind of music had the most hypnotic effect.

Yang QiQi yawned, and finally closed her eyes, gradually tilting her little head to a side.

Seeing that she fell asleep, Zheng Shou didn’t dare to stay there for a long time. After finishing the food on his plate in two big mouthfuls, Zheng Shou picked her up and walked out of the hall.

At the door, he met Nian JiMo and Luo Chong who were coming back.

Luo Chong still had a smile on his face, but the entire person seemed to appear a little listless. It seemed that Nian JiMo’s one-on-one talk with him was a major blow for Luo Chong. When he saw Zheng Shou go out holding Yang QiQi, he looked at the head buried in the sturdy chest of the male beastman with complicated eyes. He raised his eyes, nodded at Zheng Shou with a smile, and staggered into the hall.

“Settled him?” Zheng Shou asked softly.

Nian JiMo nodded expressionlessly. “We can’t let impressive-looking but useless males roam around QiQi. They must at least have the strength of Tier 3 or above.”

Zheng Shou clicked his tongue. After a moment of silence, he said, “You should go and eat something first. I will go back to the room with QiQi.”

Nian Ji Mo sent a warning glance at him: Don’t take advantage of QiQi and do bad things because I’m not there.

The expression on Zheng Shou’s face screamed for his innocence, ‘How can you distrust me?! I’m so hurt, I’m so sad!’

Nian JiMo let out a ‘humph’ and walked in with big strides.

He was more inclined to believe the most cunning fox in the world than to believe that this old bear was an honest and reliable person. It’s safer if he ate as fast as possible and went back to the room to supervise Zheng Shou himself.

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