The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 3 Part 1

Chapter 3: Past Events(3) [Part 1]

After another loud muffled sound, the cabin suddenly tilted by an angle of about 50 degrees. DongFang Yu screamed while she slid from one end to the other. She couldn’t help crying as collided with some furniture and curled up from the pain.

When the boat was about to tilt, Yang QiQi had already tightly held onto the armrests of her chair. The tall and heavy captain’s chair glided backwards until it hit against the wall. Yang QiQi still looked elegant and calm in a pile of broken and overturned furniture. Her hair was not messed up and even her sitting posture remained the same.

She looked at Xiao Yun who was sitting beside the giant crystal chandelier. She raised her glass and finally poured the remaining wine into her mouth.

‘Crack–’ The beautiful crystal goblet broke. The boat tilted again and the broken glass slid across the floor, quietly gathering at the corner.

“Did you do all this for me?” Xiao Yun stared at the woman in the chair blankly. His voice was a bit hoarse due to having a dry throat but it was still calm and pleasant to listen to.

At this time, the bulkhead could not withstand the pressure of the water any longer as it began to crack. The gap stretched along like a spider web on the bulkhead, and the water began gushing in.

Yang QiQi smiled lightly and glanced sideways at him. She mocked him: “Did you start to believe DongFang Yu’s words?”

Sure enough. She had always regarded him as a stranger.

Maybe when he decided to regret his engagement with her, a proud person like her had already discarded him from her life. No, maybe even earlier than that when rumours about him pursuing an ‘ancient’ woman appeared, there was no possibility between them.

Will it work out between them if he regrets it enough now?

“Do you really want to know why I am doing all this?” Yang QiQi smiled and continued in a coquettish tone, “I have lost most of my comrades from the “Future Battalion” camp in these past few months. A total of 397 soldiers died in 67 days accounting to three-fourths of the total number of people in my camp. The soldiers left only combine from one part of the previously strong army camp. Did the abilities of my soldiers decline? Or did the zombies evolve again? Can you guess the reason? I think you know that in your heart, don’t you?”

Xiao Yun could not dare to look at her smiling eyes that flashed with anger and sadness.

He did not participate in that plan but the abnormal situation of the “Future Battalion” during that period had also attracted his attention. Because DongFang Yu was accustomed to being ambiguous with many suitors, he immediately guessed this involved the participation of the Young Master of the QiSha Hall and Zhu LiWen. He had estimated that some of the incidents in the “Future Battalion” camp were inseparable from them before but he didn’t do anything at that time. He did not even care to remind her.

He was a selfish businessman. He had the notion that since the relationship between the Xiao family and the Yang family was no longer as dependent as before, consuming the strength of the Yang QiQi’s camp would be equivalent to reducing the strength of the Yang family.

He enjoyed the feeling of sitting on the mountain and watching two tigers fight.
(T/N: It means to watch in safety whilst others fight and then reap the rewards when both sides are exhausted.)

However he regretted it now when he faced Yang QiQi. His felt sore in his heart.

“Zhu LiWen took advantage of his power in the military to inject illegal nanoparticles into my camp’s soldiers when they were injured and hospitalized. Therefore, as long as my soldiers appeared on the battlefield, it was like a flock of weak sheep facing a pack of hungry wolves. In front of those disgusting creatures, they can no longer use their tactics and concealment skills, they can only face the crazy group of zombies…” The smile on Yang QiQi’s face remained unchanged, but her eyes started to turn red and moist.

The gap was enlarging and the water level was growing at the speed of naked eye. Half a meter of water had accumulated in the cabin. DongFang Yu actually climbed on top of a floating table. Her desperation proved that people who are afraid of death can do anything when facing their ultimate fear.

The water level had already reached their waist. Xiao Yun looked at the woman who was both smiling and crying silently. For the first time, he felt heartache. He wanted to embrace her in his arms and console her but he knew that he was not qualified to do so.

“Zhu LiWen got those things from DongFang Yu who bought from her other lover, the Young Master of QiSha Hall. You say, can I possibly let her go? Ah, you must want to ask me that since I know their crimes, why didn’t I go to the Elders’ council and expose it?! Alas, I also really wanted to do so but you see, I did not suspect Zhu LiWen before yesterday. Therefore, I only agreed to your invitation to find a breakthrough from you, DongFang Yu. And the twenty soldiers escorted who you here were under my orders.”

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