The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 29 Part 1

Chapter 29: This Braid is Really Amazing! [Part 1]

As a newly promoted Lady, Yang QiQi received a blue uniform.

She felt incredibly excited just from holding the uniform that was sent not long ago.

Goodness, I can finally wear my own clothes!

When she came to another world, she had to wear Nian JiMo’s shirt first, and then change to wear the clothes of Mei BaoQin. Her underwear was washed at night and worn during the day, worn during the day and then washed at night… Undergoing such a repeated cycle, the poor little underwear had almost been washed till it turned into a rag. The most annoying thing was that she had lost her freedom to walk because she had no shoes to wear. Zheng Shou and Nian JiMo held her no matter where they went, which made her feel that she had become a cripple.

“QiQi, I’ll help you take a bath…” Zheng Shou licked his lips and hunched his body over Yang QiQi’s, like the Big Bad Wolf seducing Little Red Riding Hood. “Look, the floor tiles in this bathroom are so slippery. If you don’t pay attention, you will slip and fall. Look at this shower room, it is so transparent that if you don’t pay attention, you will definitely bump your head against the door…”

Yang QiQi looked at him with black lines all over her face: You will slip because of the floor tiles and you will hit the glass…

Zheng Shou was still blabbering about the ‘unreasonable’ design of this bathroom passionately: the place was as small as a screw,the lights were huge, overall this was nothing good. Hearing all this, people would naturally believe that if the designer of this bathroom was present at the scene, Zheng Shou would have long picked up the tiles and shot him away flying. Overall, in his description, the scariest and most dangerous thing in the world was a little female (for example: Yang QiQi) taking a bath alone in a gorgeous modern bathroom.

“So, QiQi, in order to avoid these unfortunate incidents, the most appropriate and effective way is to let a reliable and strong male beastman, such as me, accompany you to take a bath!” Finally, he said the most important thing he wanted to say since the beginning. After the last sentence, he blinked his black eyes at the right time. The sincerity in his eyes felt so real, with every muscle on his face expressing his deep worries and firm determination to protect his lover from all harm.

Yang QiQi covered her face with one hand: This Elder Sister doesn’t know this stupid bear!

“Go out~” She pushed him a bit and said while pouting: “I want to take a shower by myself. You guys go out quickly, otherwise I will get angry.”

Zheng Shou was not reconciled. He shook her hand coquettishly: “QiQi, do you really not need my help? I can rub your back.”

Yang QiQi glimpsed at him.

Do you think that this Elder Sister doesn’t know that there is a perverted heart hidden in your big black person?! It is really the most dangerous thing in the world to let you accompany me in the bath. On the contrary, it will be weird if I’m not to be eaten and wiped clean by you at that time!

Nian JiMo kicked his butt from the side and said, “Go out, QiQi doesn’t need you. She can do it alone.”

Alas, the days when these arms can’t be used are really hard. (T/N: Remember? Both of his hands were hurt during the fight) Fortunately, QiQi wisely rejected this old bear. Otherwise, would I not suffer a loss? Nian JiMo, you must guard against him before your arms recover, and never let him take advantage of QiQi.

Zheng Shou was driven out by Nian JiMo. Just as Yang QiQi was about to close the door, he poked his head in and successfully scared her.

“QiQi, I’m just outside the door. You must call me when you need help and make sure to answer back when I call you.”


Yang QiQi pushed his big head out with a black face and closed the door with a “bang”.

Turning around, she immediately smiled like a flower, stripped off her clothes happily, threw away her near-destroyed little underwear, and ran into the shower room. She tried the switches one by one and adjusted the temperature. Standing under the high-hanging shower head, she let the water fall on her.

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