The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 24 Part 2

Chapter 24: Engraved in the Heart [Part 2]

The surgery went smoothly. The bones were successfully connected, the flesh was sutured, and the damaged right eye ball was removed. According to the doctors, Mei BaoQin’s left eye was not affected. After the wound healed, they could fit an artificial eye for him which would closely resemble his original eye. It was even capable of rotating with his left eye.

The effect of the anaesthetic had not yet worn out so Mei BaoQin was still asleep.

Because the doctors would have to perform surgeries on Nian JiMo and Zheng Shou, Chi Zhan suggested Yang QiQi to stay in the small room and take care of Mei BaoQin.

Yang QiQi looked at Chi Zhan with suspicion. She always had a feeling that he loved to push herself towards Mei BaoQin.

Lord Chief, even if you happen to have the passion to be a matchmaker, it depends on the wishes of both parties. Her feelings about Mei BaoQin were a bit complicated, but she was annoyed at him. It was just that she definitely didn’t have the feeling that a woman has towards a man. It was more like the respect and admiration that a sister has towards her brother or a student towards their teacher. Besides, although Mei BaoQin was tolerant, friendly, kind and even caring towards, he refused to be her Guardian Beast. This showed that he did not have any feelings that a man has for a woman towards her either.

“This has already been decided.” After all, Chi Zhan had also lived for many years. He was experienced and calm when dealing with people. Facing her eyes full of doubt, he said in a serious tone: “Miss QiQi, you are an expert in taking care of the wounded. Mei BaoQin needs to meticulous care now. You don’t want No. 3 to do the job, do you? He can cook alright but he washed Zheng Shou till he was sore. (No. 3: Chief, Zheng Shou was deliberately finding fault… Chi Zhan: In order to bring some comfort to Lord Mei, just admit it, Little 3. No. 3: …) Do you feel relieved to leave Mei BaoQin to him? That poor Mei BaoQin has already lost his right eye,. Although that fake one looks like the real thing, it can’t really be the same…”

Yang QiQi saw that he was about to cry so she quickly surrendered. Suddenly, she realized that this Chi Zhan deserved to be the Chief of this team of Prison Guards for his power of persuasion. As long as it was what he wanted one to do, he would be able to discover thousands of ways to make them unable to resist and obediently follow the orders he gave.

“Stop talking, I will stay here and watch over him. When the surgeries of Nian JiMo and Zheng Shou are over, remember to call me.”

“Of course.” After throwing her a look of ‘I am just doing my duties so you should quit worrying’ he went out and closed the door behind him.

She and Mei BaoQin were the only ones left in the room.

There was a strong smell of disinfectant in the room but the bedsheets and quilts had been replaced with new ones. Mei BaoQin’s face was paler than before. Several pipes protruded out from under the quilt, and were connected to a small square instrument on the bedside table. The rows of numbers on it were continuously changing.

Yang QiQi couldn’t understand its principle of working, so she moved a chair to the bedside and sat there looking at his face.

She didn’t sleep well because she was taking care of the two wounded beastmen last night. In this extremely quiet and idle atmosphere, she started to doze off. Time walked away quietly, it was unknown when she actually curled up in that chair and fell asleep.

Mei BaoQin slowly opened his unaffected left eye and watched her curled up in a chair like a cat, tender and charming, exuding a peaceful and sweet aura from all over her body.

This was his sweetheart he recognized at first sight, but he was destined to remain outside her world.

He knew that their time together was drawing to a close. He knew that as long as Nian JiMo’s injury got better, Chi Zhan would take them away. Chi Zhan had known him for a long time therefore, he knew him, his mind and his scruples deeply. So, as a friend, he tried every means he could to let her stay with him for more time. After all, in the long years to come, he would need these short memories to fill his heart.

My most beloved little female… Even if I only have one left eye, I still have to use it to engrave your figure in my heart, so that I can think about you day and night until the end of my life…

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