The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 23 Part 2

Chapter 23: Sucked and Swollen [Part 2]

Taking a mouthful of the thick congee, she leaned over and began her task. Initially, he firmly refused to swallow the congee so she had to push her tongue deep into his mouth to make him swallow it. After the first time, when she once again pushed her tongue deep into his mouth, she felt his tongue licking hers.

She lifted her head in a jiffy. Looking at his unchanged sleeping face doubtfully, she tapped his nose with her finger: “Are you awake? Mei BaoQin?”

No answer.

It seems that what he did just now was merely an instinctive reaction in his subconscious. She was a little disappointed, and resigned herself to feed him with patiently.

This time, although he swallowed voluntarily, Mei BaoQin bit and sucked her tongue.

Dammit! This Elder Sister is not a pacifier! How could you suck her tongue ah!

“Wuuu… wu… wu…”

Her tongue was already numb from the pain but she did not dare to use force with him. After she made a trip to death’s door and back, she felt like chopping Chi Zhan, the initiator of all this, into pieces.

Thankfully, when she was almost certain that Mei BaoQin would definitely chew up her tongue and swallow it, he let her go and groaned.

This time, he really woke up.

Yang QiQi couldn’t care less about the pain at that moment. She stretched out her hand to hold his still nearly-intact right shoulder: “Meh Bahgin, don mooh auoun. Yoh aa seioussi injioh ow. Yooh boii pahs hasyen beeh compeepi ahyaaeh yeh pho syoh squimeeh.”

(Author’s Note: QiQi’s tongue is numb so please forgive her for being unable to speak. What she actually wanted to say is: “Mei BaoQin, don’t move around. You are seriously injured now. Your body parts haven’t been completely attached yet so stop squirming.”)

“…… Qi… Qi……” He exhausted all his strength to spit out these two characters with utmost difficulty.

Yang QiQi nodded hurriedly. When she remembered that he couldn’t open his eyes, she wanted to speak up for him to hear. However, she was unable to speak clearly now. So she sat on the edge of the bed and held his right hand with one of her hands to comfort him while her other hand fanned her hot and painful little tongue.

Mei BaoQin! This Elder Sister’s tongue must’ve be swollen because of you...

Such a shameful thing must not be discovered by others. Therefore, before her tongue recovered, she must not speak.

Mei BaoQin’s whole body was under an insurmountable pain. It was as if his body was dismantled and then reorganized. He recalled the battle in the forest where he fought against the three beastmen – Bai Hua, Shi Guang, and Da Mi alone, so that Nian JiMo and Zheng Shou could have some time to deal with the cat beast called Huang QingRong, followed by the owl Ding Yang, and Yan SanYue. His strategy was successful, and he finally fulfilled his promise.

The moment when Bai Hua’s hard and strong paws struck his eyes was still clear in his mind. He didn’t know how he persevered, but he didn’t want to sadden the little female waiting for them in the treehouse at any cost.

She was an excellent female. When they left for their fight, her lovely eyes were full of worry for Nian JiMo and Zheng Shou.

She was kind to the ones who treated her well.

Female beastmen who cared about their males were a rarity.

Since he couldn’t accompany her out of the Saintess Forest, he decided to save Nian JiMo and Zheng Shou only for her. They would love her wholeheartedly in his place, just as he desired her to be. In this way, no matter how long he stayed in the Saintess Forest, he would have an inextinguishable motivation to live: The person he loved was enjoying the free air outside. At least she could live freely.

He just woke up, but he still had some impressions of what he did before waking up. Her smell still remained in his mouth, and he — it must have been painful… Ahem, he had made her unable to speak clearly.

Her little hand was in his palm now. It was soft and tender to touch.

He quietly rubbed her delicate skin with his fingertips, and slowly inserted his fingers in between her fingers. So, when Yang QiQi was aware of his movements, their hands were already clasped together.

The man’s hand was slender and graceful while women’s hand was tender and soft. Although there was a big difference in size, just looking at the big hand and the small hand softly together softly, one could feel the big hand full of love for the small hand.

Was this her illusion?

Yang QiQi felt that her EQ might have been lowered by significantly. Why else could she not understand even her own thoughts?

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