The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 23 Part 1

Chapter 23: Sucked and Swollen [Part 1]

Originally it was an awfully embarrassing thing since this was her first time to do something like this. But since she was asked to do it in the presence of others, she did not have the nerve to even lower her head ah!

Therefore, both firmly and resolutely, she drove out the other people and locked the door. 

(Chi Zhan:I am the Captain of the Prison Guards and a friend of Mei BaoQin’s. I represent the Empire and can also represent his relatives and friends. I am not fully unrelated to this matter.

Yang QiQi: You don’t want to go out, do you? Then come and feed him.

Chi Zhan: …. I’m really, um, an unrelated person….)

The bed sheet in this small room was lavender in colour, even the quilt and pillows were of that colour. Mei BaoQin lay on the lavender bedding, looking beautiful and fragile. The handsome male beastman who was blowing the leaf flute in the forest wind on top of the tree the previous day had deathly pale face now. His eyes were covered with a white gauze, and was breathing quietly without any sound. The up and down movements of his chest were the only thing that relayed the signs of life from him.

Yang QiQi had also helped to clean his wounds and apply medicine on it. Even now, the sight of his fatal injuries would come into her mind continuously. She could never imagine that a person could withstand such severe injuries: His right eyes had been dug out, the bone of his right leg and one of the fingers of his left hand was broken, and his left shoulder had a fracture… Furthermore, he had different degrees of flesh injuries from his head to the tips of his toes…. If the Prison Guards had not given him ‘x16’ in time, he would have been a corpse before he was even brought back to the tree house. .

Lifting a strand of his light golden hair from the pillow, she noticed that even they have lost their previous luster and vitality.

“Mei BaoQin, you truly are a headstrong person.” She gently stroked his closed lips with her fingertips, “This kind of you really makes things difficult for me. I have nothing to give you except myself but you refused even this offer. What do you actually want? How about waking up and telling me yourself?”

Silence. It was the only answer she got.

She lowered her eyelids, glanced at the bowl on the bedside table, and said to herself in her heart: Isn’t it just feeding? It’s not difficult. Anyway, he is unconsciousness now. Just treat him as a doll that can breathe. He won’t remember this things when he wakes up, so don’t be embarrassed. That’s it.  In any case, it’s not the first kiss…

She felt pitiful. She had lived upto 23 years of age in her original world and never even experienced a first kiss. It had only been a few days since she arrived in this different world of beastmen, and she constantly kept refreshing the lower limit of her endurance. Silently, she prepared herself psychologically before bending down and putting her hands on both sides of his head. Finally, she pressed her lips against his.

It was cold to touch, reminding her of Nian JiMo’s lips.

Her lips pressed tightly against his. Hesitatingly, she stretched out her tongue through the gap between her lips to touch his lips. Feeling that he had relaxed a bit, she couldn’t help but push her tongue into his mouth. His lips parted but her tongue was met with his teeth, which stubbornly blocked her access. No matter how hard she tried, she could not be open them. She lifted her head a little and rubbed his face with her right index finger. Regardless of whether he could hear it or not, she coaxed him softly: “Be obedient and open your mouth ah. How can I feed you if you keep your mouth tightly closed like this?”

Saying this, she leaned down again. This time, she sucked his lips lightly until she felt his teeth loosen. As soon as he opened his mouth, her tongue swooped in and went deep. She gently stroked his gums with the tip of her tongue, licking it a tooth at a time.

Although Mei BaoQin had not rinsed his mouth for a whole day, there was no strange smell except for the smell of blood.

With her unrelenting efforts, she was finally able to pry open his tooth-barrier.

It was not easy. Yang QiQi wiped away her imaginary sweat.

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