The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 22 Part 1


Chapter 22: He Will Be Very Grateful To Me [Part 1]

Zheng Shou groaned and trembled a few times from the sudden pain.

“… QiQi…” He looked at her pitifully, and accused her with a discouraged expression: “QiQi, this is called domestic violence…”

“Is it painful? It was my fault, I’m sorry.” Yang QiQi had already started regretting her actions seeing him in pain. She used a dry towel to wipe away the blood from the wound and looked at him guiltily.

“This much pain is nothing. It’s just that I’m very sad… My little brother is also very sad because QiQi doesn’t like it…” Zheng Shou said aggrievedly while carefully observing her expression. While Yang QiQi was still immersed in guilt, he boldly stretched out his bear paw to grasp her hand and bring it to his lower abdomen.

“What are you doing?” Yang QiQi looked at him alertly as she attempted to withdraw her hand.

Although Zheng Shou stopped pulling her hand, he did not let go of it either. His eyes flashed as he looked at her imploringly: “QiQi, just for once, I want you to touch it. It’s a part of my body, I want you love it too.”

Yang QiQi was a person who was open to persuasion, not to coercion[1]. If he had forced her to do it, it would have definitely become the situation where either the fish dies or the net splits[2]. However, when he looked at her with such pitiful eyes and pleaded with a soft voice, she started to waver.

Anyway, he would be her own man in the future. It should be fine, right? Just treat this as an early inspection

She had never been an indecisive person. Once she had made up her mind to do it, she would certainly do it. Nevertheless she still made it sure with him: “Its really just touching, right? If you dare to play any tricks on me again, I will ignore you in the future.”

“You really just have to touch it. I swear I’ll not play any tricks.” A lecherous smile bloomed on Zheng Shou’s face, but he hurriedly tried his best to replace it with an honest expression. As a result, the muscles on his face were unable to change their positions this quickly and failed to keep up with such difficult movements, directly making his big black face distorted.

Yang QiQi took a deep breath, but she still did not dare to look there directly. She turned her head sideways to look at her toes and allowed Zheng Shou to pull her hand which suddenly touched a hot object. Zheng Shou’s body shook violently as he tried to stop her hand from shrinking. His other hand opened her palm, allowing her to hold it on her own accord.

The object in her palm was so hot that it was difficult for her to hold it in one palm. The pulsating object with raised blood vessels continued to swell up even more in her hands.

It was an unspeakable feeling: She just squeezed a man’s weakest and important organ in her hand. At that moment, she was under the illusion that this man’s life and death was in her hands. Just as he openly confessed his affection to her earlier, he allowed her to cherish, protect or spoil him as she pleased.

“QiQi…” He panted and rested his head on her little shoulder. His voice became hoarse as he seemed to forcibly restrain himself. “I feel terrible……”

Finally, Yang QiQi turned her head to look at the object in her palm. The thick and hot rod which was a bit purplish was filled with throbbing blue veins on it.

“It’s ugly.” She muttered and squeezed it. However, she jumped a few steps away when its elder brother let out a low growl and stiffened.

“Oh, fortunately I released it in time…” She looked at her pink and soft palm and imagined that if it sprayed on her palm, then… she shivered, but didn’t continue to imagine it.

“Why? What happened?” Zheng Shou, who had just climaxed, fell into a deep inferiority complex after a brief period of ecstasy: Why did he shoot it out immediately after being pinched by QiQi’s hand? …… Woo Woo woo… Is he the rumoured shame of the male beastmen in the beast world–– the legendary Quick Shot King[3]? No ah, what will happen to him? What about is his little bear cub?…


[1] was open to persuasion, not to coercion [吃軟不吃硬] — it means she would do what one courteously asked her to do. It would be useless to force her to do something against her wishes as she won’t submit to force/authority.

[2] the fish dies or the net splits [魚死網破] — it refers to a life and death struggle.

[3] Quick Shot King [秒射君] — it refers to the men who suffer from premature ejacnlation. I just wrote the google translate term. If anyone has a suggestion, do inform me!

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