The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 21 Part 2

Chapter 21: Why Are You Blushing? [Part 2]

As Zheng Shou sat down in the bathtub, his lower limbs and his most important part were buried under the white foam, only revealing sexy his waist and v lined abdomen. A healthy dark complexion, beautiful eight-pack abs, a thick and strong chest… When Yang QiQi saw such a fine body oozing masculinity was looking at her with an innocent expression which said ‘I am so embarrassed… I am a very pure child[1]’, it made her have the urge to vomit blood.

If the difference between a person and his expression reaches a certain level, is it possible to kill people?!

“QiQi, hurry up and come here. I’ve been waiting for a long time…” He pouted and twisted his waist, complaining to her.

Yang QiQi, who was walking towards him, staggered and almost fractured her waist.

She gave him a fierce look: Elder brother, don’t be so ridiculous!

When she reached the bathtub, she angrily grabbed his beard tightly immediately: “What are you doing? Sir No. 3 will help you take a bath. If you don’t cooperate obediently, you will make me very angry. What will you do if your wound deteriorated after soaking in the water for so long? Look at the water, it is already cold to touch…” She raised her head to glare at him, but was met with his silly look mixed with happiness. She recalled everything she had just said. She intended to teach him a lesson, but didn’t she just nag him about his injuries?!

“QiQi, I am really happy. I, Zheng Shou, have been imprisoned in this Saintess Forest when I was 13 years old. I had never even imagined that I would be able to liked by female again. But the merciful Beast God sent you to me. I am ashamed to say this, but I couldn’t put out the thirst and admiration for you in my heart when I saw you… Therefore, when Nian JiMo asked me if I would like to be your Guardian Beast, I eagerly offered you my loyalty. I was afraid that you would reject and dislike me.” Zheng Shou took her little hand that was holding his beard, and embraced her firmly yet gently. With his other hand, gently stroked her eyebrows: “Our QiQi is perfect but she doesn’t have bad habits like the other female beastmen. With you by his side, Zheng Shou has nothing more to ask for in this life.”

This fool is really formidable at stirring up emotions when he gets sentimental!

Yang QiQi snuffled. She endured the soreness in her eyes and kissed his thick lips: “I am also very happy to meet you and Nian JiMo.”

The image of another male beast with long pale blonde hair flashed in her heart, making her mood turn a little heavy.

A whole day had passed since he was brought back heavily wounded, but Mei BaoQin had not woken up until now.

The Chief of the Prison Guards, Chi Zhan had said that his slumber was due to the side effects of taking the emergency life-saving medicine ‘x16’, so she wasn’t worried about his survival. But they did not know when he would wake up. It may be immediately, or it may take a day or two. After that, Chi Zhan also told her regretfully that Mei BaoQin had not only been disfigured but also disabled because his right eye had been ripped off by Bai Hua’s paw.

His beast form was that of a wolf. In order to protect Zheng Shou and Nian JiMo, not only did he fight with the opponent team’s most powerful beastman, Bai Hua but also dealt with the attacks of two other beastmen. In other words, he dealt with three of them alone, helping his teammates by fighting against the enemies’ strongest beastmen. This allowed Nian JiMo and Zheng Shou to jointly defeat the other three beastmen’s attacks. This resulted in him becoming the fatally injured person in his team. Whether it was his chest or back, the skin was almost torn apart, some of them were so deep that one could even see his bones.

In order to fulfill his promise to her, he gave up everything he could.

And she… what could she give him?

Become her Guardian Beast? …No, he rejected Zheng Shou and Nian JiMo’s proposal before. He disdains becoming her Guardian Beast, but he almost lost his life in order to protect her. She did not know how to repay him…

After draining the water in the bathtub, Yang QiQi used a hand shower[2] to wash away the remaining foam on Zheng Shou’s body. A certain disobedient thing of the lower abdomen of his body its true nature immediately. Embarrassed by the changes, Zheng Shou swiftly blocked it with his hand. But he noticed her red face and her eyes that wandered around not daring to look at him directly. Suddenly he let go of his hands and watched her expression with utmost interest.

“QiQi, why are you blushing?” He put his big face right in front of her and asked innocently.

Annoyed and angry at his shamelessness, Yang QiQi aimed the mouth of the hand shower at the wound on his back. The wound did not look as horrible as it was when he had just returned. It had started to form scabs after the medicine was applied, but it was still torn apart, exposing the red flesh inside. When the water was sprayed, blood started coming out again.


[1] Child (結) — This character doesn’t exactly mean a child. It means (of a plant) to produce seeds or fruits which can be said to be the plant’s offspring or later generations. I just used the context to refer to the offspring of a human.

[2] The author wrote ‘噴頭’ which translates to ‘spray head’ but it is strange to wash him with that so I changed it to hand shower as both of them are almost similar in their usage.

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