The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 21 Part 1

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Chapter 21: Why Are You Blushing? [Part 1]

“Sir Prison Guard, how can you be so rude? I’m a seriously wounded person ah. This old bear is not just a piece of meat ah, you should take better care of me… Ouch… Are you taking out your grudges on me? Ah… Are you envious of I, this daddy, for being QiQi’s Guardian Beast? Hey hey hey , your jealousy is useless. Our QiQi is very picky about her Guardian Beasts so you… Tsk, brother, it’s not me who is deliberately hitting your self-confidence, but just look take a look at you. You look thin, and both your height and thickness need to be improved. By the way, Sir No. 3, you should have stopped growing at this age, right? Oh, I express my deep sympathies for you…Ouch, ouch, ouch… Although you were hit by the words of this old bear, you can’t think of killing people…”

“Shut up for this daddy! Otherwise, this daddy will really kill you!”

With a “bang”, the poor Prison Guard, No. 3, who was tortured by Zheng Shou and his words almost to the point of having a nervous breakdown, finally grabbed the door. If he stayed here any longer, he really did not doubt that he would strangle this nasty old bear in front of him.

Yang QiQi, who was feeding medicine to the mummy-wrapped Nian JiMo, turned her head to look at the Prison Guard, No. 3, who was unqualified “no matter whether its height or thickness”, in Zheng Shou’s words.

Tsk tsk, Zheng Shou’s tongue is really poisonous. He labelled a handsome boy with a normal body as a third-class waste.

No. 3 suddenly perceived that his goddess was looking at him. The excitement he felt in his heart really made him feel like he was flying ah…

Yang QiQi’s eyes twitched as she noticed the strange expression on No. 3’s face and his stiff walking posture.

Nian JiMo lowered his head to touch her forehead with his, and said softly: “QiQi, you don’t know the lethal index of your own appearance. If you look at him with so much focus, I’m afraid that even if he is a part of the Prison Guards, he’ll die from holding his breath for too long.”

No. 3, who just walked to the door, covered his face with his hands, and ran downstairs while screaming in his heart: This is bad~ I can never go upstairs again~ I embarrassed myself in front of my goddess just now. Anyone, please kill me and let me go to hell…

“…QiQi, I was abandoned by that Prison Guard without a heart. QiQi, come and help me take a bath…” The poison-tongued demonic bear in No. 3’s eyes had turned into a cute pet at this time. He did his best to sound as coquettish as he could, beginning to act like a baby.

“Wait, I’ll come right away.” Yang QiQi rolled her eyes, but still helped Nian JiMo lie down and covered him with a quilt.

Nian JiMo resisted the tiredness that overcame him and looked at her expectantly with his open eyes.

Yang QiQi’s heart melted as she lowered her head to kiss his lips.

His lips were colder than before. Perhaps because he had just taken the medicine, his face was full of bitterness. She licked his lips little by little, then put her tongue into his mouth and swept away the remaining medicinal smell from there.

“…QiQi, you are so kind…” He muttered contentedly and closed his eyes.

“You, too, are really good.” Yang QiQi stroked the fine scales on his forehead as they relaxed affectionately under her fingertips.

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