The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 20 Part 1

Chapter 20: Fierce Battle [Part 1]

The second floor of the house was not much higher than the first floor, but Yang QiQi still ran to the window in Mei BaoQin’s room on the second floor, even if she could only see a few meters away from it.

She clutched the lower frame of the window with both hands, and looked at the male beastmen downstairs calmly.

The two teams gathered on the either side of a clear barrier. One team was led by the Bai Hua, and five male beastmen stood behind him leaving some distance.

The thinnest one among them was Yan SanYue. When Yang QiQi looked over, he had also just raised his head to look at her with a gloomy and greedy gaze. Yang QiQi’s gaze was as sharp as a knife, seemingly slaughtering him without mercy. It carried the murderous aura she had honed from the mountain of bloodied corpses and zombies she had fought in the previous world. Yan SanYue didn’t expect a young female to have such a murderous sight that made him feel like it could pierce his soul. His face turned pale as he lowered his eyes to avoid her gaze.

“Yan SanYue, what’s wrong with you? Why is your face so pale?” Ding Yang hit him with his elbow.

“I’m fine.” Yan SanYue replied blankly.

Remembering his actions just now, Ding Yang also raised his head to look at the tree house, and was suddenly met a pair of ice-cold eyes. Ding Yang shuddered, but he still couldn’t bear to look away and exhausted all his willpower to barely squeeze out a smile.

Yang QiQi couldn’t help being a little surprised when she saw that a round-faced teenager beside Yan SanYue could still smile so brightly facing her ‘visual kill’.

But as the saying goes: Never hit a smiling person.

Yang QiQi was too embarrassed to attack him again so she reduced her murderous aura. Instead, she turned her attention towards Zheng Shou and the others.

Seeing Mei BaoQin and his companions approaching them, Bai Hua turned back and took the lead to go into the forest, followed by his five team members. Nian JiMo and Zheng Shou also walked in behind Mei BaoQin. When the people were about to lose sight of the giant tree due to the distance, Zheng Shou finally couldn’t help turning back to search for the figure of his beloved.

“QiQi, wait for me.” His gaze lingered in the air as he muttered silently.

Seeing him stop and look back, Nian JiMo stretched his arms and patted Zheng Shou’s shoulders.

They had to confront their rivals soon. At this moment, lovesickness would severely affect their combat effectiveness as a whole.

He wanted to take a good look at her too, but he also wanted to survive so that he could look at her forever… and even have her…

This short parting was for eternal companionship.

Yang QiQi stared at the jungle that had engulfed them without blinking. Her gaze slowly moved farther, as if she could really see them walking away.

Fortunately, they did not go too far. Soon , she heard the howl of a wolf and the roar of a tiger from the forest ahead as a group of frightened birds fled in panic. The battle was fierce from the beginning, as she saw the trees there were constantly toppling and breaking, and dust flying. A giant bird soared straight into the sky, then immediately turned around and swooped down vertically.

Yang QiQi gritted her teeth as she punched the window frame: Liu Feng was dead. But there was actually another bird in Bai Hua’s team? Flying in air to fight against a person on the ground was disadvantageous to the one on the ground. Who did this bird attack? Zheng Shou? Nian JiMo? Or Mei BaoQin? This battle of 6 against 3 was already cheating, but who told it meet their bizarre rules.

“Meowww~” With a long howl, a small beast flew up in the air, and immediately fell down again. The miserable howl stopped abruptly when it landed.

Yang QiQi was certain that the beast that was sent flying into the air and fell down must be a tabby cat with stripes.

Cats are good friends and companions of human beings. They are always gentle and cute. However, if there really was a Beast God… the little girl in QiQi’s heart joined her hands and prayed sincerely: Please let this cute cat beast return to the Beast God’s loving embrace, Amen!

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