The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 2: Past Events(2) [Part 1]

Thinking of the past, DongFang Yu felt that she had discovered the truth. She worked hard to move her body away from Xiao Yun’s embrace as she earnestly tried to express her position.

“Sister QiQi…”

Yang QiQi raised her eyebrows and smiled nonchalantly, “If I remember correctly, you’re 31 this year, right?”

DongFang Yu was thin and had a sickly white skin. Although her facial features were not outstanding, she was born with a baby face. So, despite being thirty-one years old, she looked like a young girl of only twenty-two or twenty-three years of age. To top it all, she instinctively forgot her true age. So she could act spoiled in front of her suitors without any shame.


Yang QiQi’s reminder was like a heavy blow which made DongFang Yu’s whole body stiff. Her face turned even more distorted.

Xiao Yun was 25 years old, six years younger than her.

Among the suitors of DongFang Yu, the oldest was 35 years old while the youngest was only around 17 or 18 years old. Subconsciously, DongFang Yu had always regarded herself in her twenties. So when she spent time with the 35 years old Minister of Military Affairs, she always addressed him as ‘uncle’, but she conveniently forgot that she was also at the age of an ‘auntie’.

Yang QiQi looked at her ever-changing colourful face in amusement. When she felt the ship’s hull creaking unbearably due to the excess speed, Yang QiQi felt even more joyful.

“I’m just 23 this year, Sister DongFang or should I say… ‘Auntie’ DongFang?”

“WHAT ABOUT BEING YOUNG?! Are you sure that you are still the so-called ‘Perfect Gene’?” DongFang Yu was trembling with rage when she heard the word ‘auntie’ and forgot to flatter the other party in order to save her life. Even the rope could hardly hold her in place as she sprung onto Xiao Yun’s chest, glared at Yang QiQi with bloodshot eyes and roared: “Yang QiQi! What about you is so great? B*tch! No matter how young and beautiful you are, didn’t you get dumped by Xiao Yun? Hah… Did you think you are still that heroic and dignified the battalion leader? Aren’t you only a tattered thing dumped by a man now?!”

Yang QiQi furrowed her eyebrows and said faintly, “Is Zhu LiWen really fascinated by a woman like you?”

Zhu LiWen was the Minister of Military Affairs whom DongFang Yu called “uncle”.

DongFang Yu firmly believed that her suitors would live and die for her. She believed that they finally had some dirt on her opponent now and they could take her down successfully after she gets rescued. These thoughts stabilised her mentality. She raised her chin in pride and said with a smile, “Yang QiQi, you are just the “Perfect Gene”. But as a woman, you failed. Do you know that? Men don’t want strong fighters as their partners but the weakest of women to show off their strength. Men are all arrogant animals!”“It was really my failure.” Yang QiQi sighed mockingly and took a sip of the red wine, “I don’t understand… How did you let these men live together peacefully by your side? Minister of Military Affairs, President of T-Unlimited Trading Company, the Chief Instructor of ZhiYao Academy, the Young Master of QiSha Hall… They are all dignified men, but they’re all controlled by you.”

“I seem precious when compared to my strong rival, isn’t it?”

Yang QiQi tilted her head, thought for a moment and found that this woman’s words really made sense. However, she really disdained the men who were won over in this way.

DongFang Yu wanted to say something more but was startled by a loud noise.

“What’s that sound? What happened?” DongFang Yu screamed. “Did the ship hit something? Will it sink?”

“Shhh~” Yang QiQi pressed her snow-white index finger to her lips and said softly: “Don’t be afraid. It’s just that the outer steel plate of the hull can’t stand the pressure and is peeling off layer by layer. But it won’t be destroyed for the time being.”

“Yang QiQi, you lunatic! Stop the boat! We will die!” DongFang Yu became even more frightened after hearing her explanation.

Creak!… Creak!….

There were many loud noises which announced that the hull was not far from destruction.

After a brief period of silence, DongFang Yu’s thin body burst forth with unprecedented strength as she broke away from the rope while screaming. Ignoring the bloodstains on her arms, she grabbed Xiao Yun’s collar but was faced with his dark eyes.

Xiao Yun had been awake for a while but it was unknown exactly how much of their conversation was heard by him.

“Yun! Yang QiQi is crazy! She actually let ‘The Angel’ sail at such a high speed without the crew! The outer steel plate of the ship’s hull has almost peeled off. Come on, Yun. Let’s stop her!”

After seeing that Xiao Yun was awake, DongFang Yu instinctively transformed back into a pure white lotus with teary eyes who always snuggled up to him to seek protection.

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