The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 19 Part 2

Chapter 19: Guardian Beast Qualification War [Part 2]

She heard from Zheng Shou that there was a ranking of the prisoners in the Saintess Forest. Mei BaoQin ranked first, followed by this Bai Hua. Zheng Shou was the third while Nian JiMo occupied the fourth place. And Zhu Nuo, who died before, was fifth.

If it was a single challenge, only Bai Hua had the chance to win, but if they were to bring other people into the topic, they could only opt for a team challenge.

“I, Bai Hua, on behalf of Ding Yang, Shi Guang, Huang QingRong, Yan SanYue, and Da Mi, a total of six people formally challenge Mei BaoQin, Zheng Shou, and Nian JiMo for becoming Yang QiQi’s Guardian Beasts. In this challenge, all of our life and death are left to fate.”

Nian JiMo put Yang QiQi down from his lap, and stood up with Zheng Shou and Mei BaoQin with a cold face: “I, Nian JiMo, (Zheng Shou, Mei BaoQin) accept the challenge.”

Ah? The atmosphere was really solemn!

“I’m going out first.” Bai Hua looked at them, “Don’t think about delaying time. I know that Mei BaoQin must have notified the Prison Guards, but even if they come here, they can’t stop the Qualification Challenge of Guardian Beasts. Gosh, now I really love this rule.”

Knowing that Mei BaoQin had a good relationship with the Prison Guards, how could he not consider the disadvantages if the Prison Guards really came? He was not as mindless as Zhu Nuo and his companions. If they had chosen the legitimate way to challenge them via the guardian beast qualification war instead of a sneak attack, that little beauty would have long belonged to the four (T/N: i.e., Zhu Nuo, Cui Nan, Liu Feng and Yan SanYue) of them. However, he would like to thank them for their stupidity, otherwise they would not have this chance to have to win her for themselves.

In fact, Bai Hua was wrong to blame Zhu Nuo and his companions. They were 4 against 2 at that time and thought that they had an absolute overwhelming advantage. How could they even imagine that the little female will have a skill of hitting their acupuncture points?!

If the three dead beastmen knew about Bai Hua’s thoughts, they would definitely sigh: Time and fate are both important…

“My dear Little Beauty, are you ready to throw yourself into my, Bai Hua’s, arms? Hahaha…” Bai Hua blew a kiss towards Yang QiQi. She hurled a fork in Bai Hua’s direction which he reached out to catch as he laughed: “Is this your token of affection for me? It’s really special.”

He walked out with the steel fork going in and out of the circle between his fingers.

This elder sister was s*xually harassed by that bastard!

Yang QiQi’s cheeks puffed in anger.

“QiQi, ” Zheng Shou poked her cheek with his finger, and successfully let her breath out. After getting an eye roll from her, he hurriedly said: “QiQi, don’t be angry. Wait for this old bear to beat him violently and let him reflect about which path of life he should take in the future.”

“Pfft~ this one’s taste is really heavy… and perverted…” Nian JiMo scorned.

“(⊙o⊙)…I was just giving an example. We really don’t have a common language. No wonder I lived in deep loneliness and sadness before I met QiQi…”

“QiQi, this time, it is different from the sneak attack by Yan SanYue and his companions. This is a formal challenge, so you can no longer help us. Otherwise, even if we win, we will carry this shame for a lifetime.” Nian JiMo completely ignored the sorrowful words of a certain beastman and continued, “Also, don’t step outside the house. This time, we will fight in out beast forms. If you get close to us, you will be affected.”

“This is a battle among the males. Even if we are in danger, you can’t help us out.” Mei BaoQin emphasized worriedly.

From the side, even Zheng Shou added: “This is a Guardian Beast’s battle of honour. Only the victor is qualified to stand beside you. QiQi, don’t worry. This old bear has finally become your Guardian Beast, so he will never retreat as long as he breathes.”

But I don’t want you to be in danger, you get that?

However, as the Battalion Commander of the “Future Battalion”, she could also understand their resolve: For people like them, life was not the most important. What they wanted at this moment was not their lives, rather what they wanted now was to guard the position with which they could accompany her to watch the flowers bloom and passing clouds.

She couldn’t stop them. It was their honourable custom. Also, she couldn’t cry, for it would turn into an unnecessary psychological pressure to them. She could only— pull their heads down one by one and press a tender kiss against their lips.

“I will wait for you here, don’t worry.” She smiled and said, “You must come back intact because we have to go to the ‘Saintess Hall’ together. You have promised me. You cannot speak words that doesn’t count.” (T/N: Basically, this means that they can’t break their promise to her.)

“Um QiQi. We will definitely come back.” Zheng Shou stepped out first. He was afraid that he would be reluctant to leave if he stayed there any longer.

Nian JiMo vigorously rubbed the top of her head, and then lowered his head to kiss her forehead. The kiss was as pure as a clear stream of water. It was filled with tender admiration.

Yang QiQi watched him walking towards the door. Her heart felt as if it was being kneaded in someone’s hands. She took a deep breath and gave a friendly hug to Mei BaoQin, who was feeling a bit hesitant to talk. He was also fighting for her. Although she couldn’t kiss him, she could still give him a warm hug. Then, she saw an intoxicating smile forming on his face.

“Don’t worry, I will make sure they come back intact.” He said.

Yang QiQi nodded, but she didn’t know that the weight of his promise was so heavy…

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