The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 19 Part 1

Chapter 19: Guardian Beast Qualification War [Part 1]

“QiQi…” Zheng Shou wanted to feed a pink fruit to Yang QiQi from the fruit salad. The steel fork hadn’t touched it yet, when something flashed by and his target disappeared.

“Here it is, QiQi.” Nian JiMo said in a tender yet magnetic voice as he fed the piece of pink fruit to Yang QiQi.

…This was the sixth time…

Every time Zheng Shou wanted to pick up any food from the plate to feed Yang QiQi, Nian JiMo would snatch it away with his fork. It was not that Zheng Shou didn’t try to take it first, but he couldn’t.

Zheng Shou looked at him with teary eyes: Nian JiMo~ You are bullying this old bear for his slow hands~

Zheng Shou used his pair of bear eyes to stare at Nian JiMo with grievance, strongly accusing a certain male beastman for not paying respect to the elderly.

As Nian JiMo was enveloped in his strong resentment, cracks gradually began to appear on his paralyzed face.

One has to say, Zheng Shou’s resentment index was comparable to a vengeful spirit.

Black lines hung on Yang QiQi’s forehead as she took a steel fork. Knocking on the edge of the plate, she said: “Don’t feed me anymore, I can eat by myself. You should hurry up and eat too, maybe Yan SanYue will bring someone here soon.”

“They are already outside.” Mei BaoQin said with a faint smile, as he ate slowly with an air of elegance.

“Hahaha…” A loud laughter sounded as a tall beastman opened the door. Yang QiQi couldn’t see his appearance clearly because of the orange light of sunset which rushed in from behind him. But the beastman who broke into the house locked his gaze on Yang QiQi as soon as he entered. He opened his mouth in amazement: “Unique and indescribably beautiful. Lovely little female, let me introduce myself. I am Bai Hua, and my beast form is a tiger. In this Saintess Forest, my strength is second only to Mei BaoQin. Let me be your guardian beast, I’ll be very helpful to you.”

“QiQi, don’t agree.” Nian JiMo tightened his arms around her.

Yang QiQi patted his hand to make him feel at ease.

Zheng Shou had been busy quibbling with Nian JiMo, so he was not full yet. At this time, he stuffed his big mouth with food and mocked Bai Hua: “Bai Hua, everyone knows how you got sent to the Saintess Forest. Would you like me to say it in front of QiQi? After all, that is your glorious ‘accomplishment’ ah…”

Zheng Shou spoke excitedly, and scrapes of food flew out from his mouth along with his words. The three people at the table put down their knives and forks in disgust. It was difficult to continue eating after this so they had to end their dinner early.

“Cough~ Cough~” Bai Hua coughed uncomfortably, and defended himself: “At that time, I was young and impulsive, so I inevitably made some mistakes. Your name is QiQi, right?” He went to the dining table, pulled the chair opposite her and sat down. Raising one of his eyebrows, he smiled and tried to coax her seductively: “Although we met for the first time today, my heart has fallen for you. As long as you nod your head, I, this outstanding tiger beastman, will be yours. You should seriously consider my proposal.”

Was this tiger beastman the legendary ‘Charming Evil Tyrant’?

The word ‘tyrant’ was not enough to describe his abilities, but he was quite adequate from other aspects.

This man not only did not lose to Nian JiMo in terms of his looks, he was even taller and stronger than Nian JiMo. But different from Nian JiMo’s quiet and cold temperament, this man exuded a wicked charm from all his gestures, making people around him be subconsciously vigilant against him.

“No need, having Nian JiMo and them will suffice.” Yang QiQi stared at him as the aura of a master that she had cultivated in the previous life lingered around her lightly.

She didn’t like this man instinctively. Not to mention Nian JiMo, they all thought he was nothing but trouble. And of course, she would trust her partner.

“Such an answer really makes me feel awkward ah.” Bai Hua said, leaning against the back of the chair. He glanced at Nian JiMo and Zheng Shou, and his gaze finally fell on Mei BaoQin’s face. “Since Little Beauty is unwilling to accept us peacefully, we would like to follow the rules of becoming the guardian beasts.”

“What are the rules?” Yang QiQi asked Nian JiMo in a low voice.

“A male beastman can replace the guardian beast of the female beastman he likes through challenges. This challenge can be a single challenge or a team challenge. If the challenger wins, regardless of whether the female is willing or not, that beastman must be accepted by her.”

There are such regulations?

She thought that only a female had the right to choose her partners but she didn’t expect that the failed male beastman could get what he wanted through this method. This was worthy to be called a rule of the beast world that respected strength. Such measures increased the chances of the strong beastmen among the males to reproduce. In the long run, the descendants will inevitably be stronger than their previous generation.

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