The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 18 Part 1

Chapter 18: The Humorous Iceberg [Part 1]


Sorry for disappearing on you all for almost a week. I was buried under a heap of assignments, unable to come up and update with the flow. There will be irregular updates only for this month cz a lazy potato like me can’t stack up a lot of chapters quickly (´。• ω •。`). Updates will be back to normal from February. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. ~An

Ding Yuan had big eyes but now that he widened them, it almost felt like his eyes were falling out of their sockets.

He had always thought that Yan SanYue was bragging. How could there be a little female in the Saintess Forest? And that little female was still as beautiful as a fairy?

He must have gone crazy wanting to see a female so much so that he felt that the female he saw in his dreams was a real one.

He was not only the only one who didn’t believe Yan SanYue. Bai Hua and his friends also didn’t believe him. But they couldn’t contain their curiosity so finally, Bai Hua let him come to see if it was true.

Ding Yuan didn’t want to come. All the beastmen in the Saintess Forest knew that Mei BaoQin, who lived in the giant tree house, was not easy to provoke. Strength came second, what was more important was that he had a relationship with the Prison Guards. Wanna ask how they knew? If one took a glance at the privileges he enjoyed, didn’t it tell them everything? Also, every time he wanted to hand in the Saintess Fruits, he would inform the Prison Guards outside to send someone to collect the fruits. And when had those Prison Guards not been polite to Mei BaoQin? And it was not a respect that the guards paid out of politeness, it was a respect that roused in their subconscious.

So, if one offended Mei BaoQin, they would surely be targeted by the Prison Guards.

He quietly folded his wings and landed on a nearby tree. Carefully hiding his figure, he looked through the leaves to observe the situation in the house.

The two windows on the second floor were closed but the windows in the dining room and kitchen on the ground floor were open. From his angle, he got a really unobstructed view of the inside of the house.


That Mei BaoQin was cooking dinner. Seeing that there were so many varieties in a large quantity, could he possibly finish it by himself?

Things were indeed a bit abnormal. Mei BaoQin must had guests to entertain.

Was it the Prison Guards? Or was it Nian JiMo and Zheng Shou? Or… was there really a little female?

Ding Yuan thought about going back to report his findings immediately, but there was a voice in his heart that kept suggesting him to wait again and again…

So, when Mei BaoQin was almost done with the meal preparations, he really saw the legendary little female beastman.

She was carried down the stairs by that paralyzed face Nian JiMo, and behind them was the tall and strong Zheng Shou.

She… was really beautiful…

Although she was far away, with his sharp eyesight, he could even distinguish between the strands of her hair. She wore a long and wide light blue men’s shirt, which made her look more petite and tender. The pair of moist eyes on her white, flawless face of the size of a melon seed were the most attractive, and the thick, curly eyelashes were as beautiful as the wings of a butterfly. Every blink of her eyes seemed to scratch the tip of his heart, making him feel numb and itchy.

Ding Yang’s (T/N: The author changed his name halfway through the chapter. So I’ll be keeping his name as Ding Yang from here on) eyes followed her figure foolishly, as if all the colours of the world had been taken away by her.

Nian JiMo held the little female and sat at the edge of the dining table. He didn’t know what the little female said, but he saw her jumping down the chair and running into the kitchen barefoot. Zheng Shou chased her and hugged her again, supporting her bottom with one hand and her back with the other which was the standard way of holding a child. The little female struggled with dissatisfaction but Zheng Shou shook his head and seemed to persuade her. Before long, she compromised. Zheng Shou bowed his head and kissed her lips…

How could that nasty old bear kiss her?!

Ding Yang bitterly pulled the branches and leaves within his reach, and Nian JiMo, who was in the dining room looked towards his direction coldly as if aware of his presence.

Ding Yang realized that something was wrong so he stiffened immediately.

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