The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 12 Part 2

Chapter 12: Stone Acupuncture [Part 2]

At this time, Zheng Shou was in danger. Not only was there a long wound across his back but also his right leg became inflexible due to heavy injuries. Zhu Nuo had thought that Zheng Shou could be killed off by him soon but Liu Feng was defeated first. He secretly scolded Liu Feng for being a waste but he had to order Yan SanYue to stop Nian JiMo.

Yang QiQi held some stones in one hand, searching for opportunities to hit the enemies with these hidden weapons at any time.

As a family cultivating ancient martial arts, Yang family’s technique of acupuncture with a hidden weapon was one of their family secrets. As for whether this behavior was upright or not, Yang QiQi refused to feel any pressure: It was a concealed weapon. So, shouldn’t she attack secretly using it?! In her previous world, she seldom used this technique. After all, her principle enemies at that time were the zombies. Those creatures were not affected by this method. But it was different now. If she wasn’t sure that a beastman’s acupuncture points was the same as her own before, then after she had successfully attacked Liu Feng, she had already confirmed that their acupoints were at least in the same position.

Facing Zhu Nuo and Cui Nan’s joint attacks, Zheng Shou, although struggling, was not as thoroughly beaten as before. He defended himself steadily. Now, he only needed to drag it out until Nian JiMo defeated Yan SanYue.

Yan SanYue’s overall strength was even worse than Liu Feng’s.

Zhu Nuo and Cui Nan probably also knew that Yan SanYue would not be able to deal with Nian JiMo. After casting a quick look at their direction, Cui Nan pretended to make a fierce move and withdrew in the direction of Yan SanYue.

Yang QiQi was waiting for this so the stone in her hand flew out again. Because of the wrong angle, she was unable to hit him at the same position as Liu Feng. She hit his right leg instead to make him a ‘jumping rabbit’. (Author’s Note: It’s made up. You guys should not take it as a serious move!)

As a result, Cui Nan became the second useless person who was knocked out by Yang QiQi’s move after Liu Feng.

He just turned around when felt his right leg going numb and staggered. At this moment, Zheng Shou was fighting against Zhu Nuo only, so he was about to defeat him. When he turned around, he noticed that Cui Nan was stooping down and looking for a support to stand up again. Zheng Shou slapped him at the back of his head. With a thud, he fell down and died.

“Ah! Cui Nan!!” After Yan SanYue screamed, his momentum skyrocketed, attacking Nian JiMo mercilessly as he knew his life depended on it.

Although Nian Ji Mo was not afraid of him, he did not want to clash against Yan SanYue head-on this time. His rampage will only cause him to accelerate his energy consumption, so Nian JiMo wanted to wait for that moment.

But obviously, Nian JiMo underestimated Yan SanYue’s cunning mind and selfish personality. Although he had a good friendship with Zhu Nuo and Cui Nan, it was not to the point where he would help them regardless of the situation. The reason why he acted desperate to avenge Cui Nan was just to let down his opponent’s guard and escape safely. Sure enough, Nian JiMo was fooled. When Nian JiMo avoided his attack, Yan SanYue’s figure changed back to the form of a weasel. He released some stinky yellow gas and disappeared head-first under the ground.

“Damn it!” Nian JiMo cursed in a low voice and helped Zheng Shou to kill Zhu Nuo who was already terrified.

“Let’s hurry up and meet Mei BaoQin. Yan Sanyue has escaped. I don’t know how many male beastmen he will gather to snatch QiQi from us.” Nian JiMo said. Yang Qiqi, who came out from behind the stone, was picked up by him. He lifted her chin to kiss her lips.

Even though he had already started fighting with Liu Feng at that time, don’t think that he didn’t see the old bear, who pretended to be cute, take the opportunity to kiss Yang QiQi.

He hadn’t kissed a female so he thought that it was enough if their lips touched. But after Yang QiQi blinked her attractive eyes, he stretched out his tongue and licked her lips without any need of instructions. The sweet taste made him feel ecstatic. He wanted to taste it more so he stretched out his tongue to go inside her mouth. After touching her uvula with the tip of his tongue, his whole body trembled. He wanted to put it into his mouth and swallow it.

Yang Qiqi had already woken up from her daze. She clenched a fist and hit his shoulders. But she was already weak at this time so how could she stop his advances? She only felt that Nian JiMo was a little out of control as he grasped her slender waist with one hand and pressed her against him. His other hand was at the back of her head as he pushed it towards himself.

Yang QiQi felt pain, so she let out an anxious ‘wooo’ sound.

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