The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 11 Part 2

Chapter 11: Ambushed En Route [Part 2]

It turned out to be the gray giant eagle that attacked Nian JiMo in hopes of grabbing the Saintess fruit the other day.

“It’s you, Liu Feng.” Zheng Shou snorted coldly, “Are newcomers so courageous now? You even dare to provoke me, this grandpa bear? It seems that we seniors are too compassionate, making you forget the rules here.”

“Brother Shou, why would you want to use your hands to fight against a mere kid ah? Just leave him to me. I just happen to have itchy hands today.” Nian JiMo hated this giant eagle. The day before, he was afraid because Yang QiQi was alone in the forest, so he spared him once. He didn’t expect he (T/N: Liu Feng) would fail to differentiate between good and bad and come again to snatch Yang QiQi. This time, he couldn’t let that damn eagle go easily anyway. He would to twist his wings severely and let him know why flowers were so red(1).

Liu Feng screeched, his figure in the sky shrinking rapidly at the same time. He had already transformed into a handsome young man with a gloomy expression when he landed on a nearby branch. Holding the branch firmly with his claws,, he squatted halfway on the thick branches. Looking down at Nian Ji Mo, he sneered and said: “Nian JiMo, don’t think that if you find a helper, I will become afraid of you. If you leave this little female here, I will let you go.”

“Ha? Liu Feng, do you remember who was beaten up and got to eat a mouthful of mud yesterday? Tsk tsk, if you want to threaten people, you must have the strength.” Nian JiMo mocked the other party expressionlessly, but his heart tightened.

At this moment, he regretted that he didn’t deal completely with Liu Feng the previous day. The Eagle Clan had excellent eyesight. Maybe Liu Feng took the risk to provoke him yesterday not for the three Saintess fruit at all. Maybe his goal was Yang QiQi from the beginning.

Even though he knew that his strength was not as good as that of his opponents, he reappeared now. He must be backed by somebody so he could freely make open threats.

He could make an alliance with Zheng Shou and Mei BaoQin. Liu Feng could also do it.

He looked at Zheng Shou, and two daggers appeared in his hands. Their beast form was huge, so their the destructive power was too strong. If a male didn’t pay attention, it would hurt the female beastman nearby. Therefore, in the Empire, it was a rule that when male beastmen fought, as long as there is a female around them, they will use human form. In other cases, it is arbitrary.

Zheng Shou gave him a look saying  “I know” and focused his attention on the surrounding dense forest. It was too dark to see whether there was a hidden enemy but he could smell the faint body odour of other males coming from there. In addition to Liu Feng who had already appeared, there were at least three male beastmen.

At the other side, Liu Feng had already rushed down to fight with Nian JiMo.

Zheng Shou suddenly changed back into a human form, caught Yang QiQi and hugged her in his arms. He looked down at her and exhorted, “There are too many people on the enemy’s side, I and Nian JiMo may not be their opponents. If the situation is not right, QiQi should not resist. You should go with them. If Nian JiMo and I can survive, we will find Mei BaoQin and go to save you. If not, you will live well. Female beasts are precious so they will be taken care of by all male beastmen.”

He didn’t wait for her reply. He suddenly lowered his head, pressed his lips against her pink lips and then gently pushed her away. (T/N: ZS is an opportunitist. He was smooth af XD)When he turned his face away from her, the dumb and cute look was gone. Standing straight with a murderous awe, he swept his eyes in three directions, and said coldly: “Stop hiding. We are imprisoned together in the Saintess Forest for so many years, how can I not know how the others smell? Do you find your game interesting? If you are a male beastman, just come out and fight.”

“Earlier, I said that this bear has a good nose. A sneak attack will not work on him.” A dark and fat man walked out first from behind a big tree. He was about 30 years old and had an unusually big nose. As soon as he appeared, he stared at Yang QiQi with a burning gaze. “That kid, Liu Feng, made a mistake this time. How can this be a peerless beauty? Isn’t she a goddess?”

Another man jumped down from a nearby tree and looked at Yang QiQi: “I have never seen such a beautiful female beastman. A life and death with Mei BaoQin is worth it if we can get her.”

“We don’t need to fight to death. As long as we kill these two males here, it is not too difficult to turn around and kill Mei BaoQin.” The last one actually drilled out of the ground. He had a thin body and a sharp chin. The narrow twinkling eyes on his bony face were cunning and vicious.


(1) 花兒為什麼這樣紅- This phrase is taken from a movie song. It means someone did something that makes them owe you a sound beating and you must teach well them well.

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