The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 11 Part 1

Chapter 11: Ambushed En Route [Part 1]

According to Nian JiMo’s plan, after accepting the moon bear called Zheng Shou, it was time for them to find their another ally-Mei BaoQin.

Yang QiQi did not know anything about him but she could see that Nian JiMo greatly admired Mei BaoQin. Even the carefree Zheng Shou looked respectful when he said his name.

Mei BaoQin seemed to be a exceptional person.

Yang Qiqi wondered. But she was not in a hurry to know as they would definitely meet shortly. Then she could assess whether he was really a dragon or a worm parading as one.

Zheng Shou transformed into a moon bear under the murderous glare of Nian JiMo. He rolled his huge and sturdy body to crouch in front of Yang QiQi, and gently nudged against her legs.

“Hop on me, QiQi. My fat is thick and my fur is soft. Whether I’m walking or running, I’m perfectly stable. You won’t experience any jerks.” After he finishing speaking, Zheng Shou used a pair of jet black eyes look at her expectantly.

Even though he was much bigger than her now, the naivety in his eyes attracted her greatly. She stretched out her hand and rubbed his short ears. Yang QiQi climbed on his back and sat on his shoulder with ease. One has to say that he didn’t brag at all just now. Yang QiQi would truly enjoy riding on his bear body. Moreover, her feet were now wrapped in the cloth that Nian JiMo had ripped from his clothes. After walking so long to find Zheng Shou, she already felt unwell. It’s just that, she, who had always been tough, did not show any signs of discomfort. So Nian JiMo, who was trying his utmost to be careful, failed to notice.

When Nian JiMo saw Yang QiQi riding on Zheng Shou’s shoulder, he finally realized that he had ignored the injury under her feet. He felt annoyed. He wanted to get Yang QiQi to sit on his shoulder, but his beast form… For the first time, Nian JiMo envied Zheng Shou’s beast form. It didn’t matter whether he looked stupid or not, what mattered was that it was useful for Yang QiQi.

When Zheng Shou saw that Yang QiQi had really hopped on his back, he raised his head to roar excitedly and rushed forward.

“QiQi, hold onto him tightly!” Nian JiMo shouted, wiped his sweat and ran after him.

Yang QiQi had already grabbed Zheng Shou’s black hair before Nian JiMo even shouted.

Zheng Shou’s speed was really fast. Yang QiQi felt the movement of strong muscles under her body. Feeling the wind passing by her, Yang QiQi closed her eyes and had the illusion of flying in the air.

Zheng Shou’s simple and rough personality was very similar to that of the majority of members of the future camp. It was the main reason why she accepted him so quickly. She felt close to him and as a result, was unable to resist his actions.

She assumed Zheng Shou was definitely a person like her former comrades to whom she could entrust her back with!

The goddess’s little butt felt so soft ah~

Zheng Shou, your real name should actually be “Horny Beast”, okay!

The perverted look on a certain bear’s face at this time could not be covered up even by the dense hair on his face. (T/N: Tsk QiQi is gravely mistaken him. She would be eaten clean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) before she even realises)

The ‘perverted’ beast roared again and again on the way, scaring the little beasts and birds in the forest into fleeing for their dear lives.

“QiQi, be careful—” Nian JiMo, who was trying to catch up to Zheng Shou, yelled in horror from behind.

Although Yang QiQi’s body shrank, her swift reflexes did not disappear. She tilted her body sideways on Zheng Shou’s back, gripped his black fur with her left hand and hung herself along from his body. A cold light flashed across the location where she was sitting now but the move failed. Just before landing on the ground, the giant shadow turned around like boomerang and flew into the air.

“Qiqi, are you alright?” Zheng Shou was covered in cold sweat. He moved a few steps away from the opponent’s attack range before stopping. Turning around, Zheng Shou stared fiercely at the attacker flying in the air.

Yang QiQi had already returned to her previous position. She patted his back in assurance, and then looked up.

T/N: I would be using ‘beast form’ instead of ‘true body’ as it sounds more reasonable. I changed that in the previous chapter.

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