The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 10 Part 2

Chapter 10: Zheng Shou, The Sloppy Bear [Part 2]

“Yeah, I am a very reliable person…” Zheng Shou finally regained his senses and captured Nian JiMo’s wrist tightly. He pointed at Yang QiQi with his other hand and asked in excitement: “Nian JiMo! Is this little beauty really not a part my imagination? Is she real?!”

Nian JiMo tried to take his wrist out his clutch but the strength of the bear was too great for him.

“Let go of my hand first, Brother Shou.”

“Ah—” Zheng Shou suddenly remembered his current image and his ugly actions of rubbing himself against the tree trunk. His face suddenly turned into the colour of a pig liver (T/N: a.k.a reddish brown colour) as he screamed and dashed away: “Nian JiMo! You stinky boy— You must have done it intentionally. You brought this little beauty here to watch me make a fool of myself exactly at this time. I won’t spare you…” The howling voice and its owner gradually disappeared into the forest.

“(⊙o⊙)…” (T/N: Yep the author used this. Not my addition XD)

“He should’ve gone to take a bath and change his clothes. No female has ever stepped into the Saintess forest in so many years. Everyone is used to doing whatever they want. In the future, he will surely pay attention to his image.”

In front of a beautiful female like her, no male beastman would be able to maintain their composure. It was matter of creating a dignified image in front of the female. If a male didn’t maintain a decent manner, he would become inferior to dust in the eyes of the female. At that time, he would lose the courage to even look at her.

But Zheng Shou said was right about one thing. He did bring Yang QiQi here on purpose exactly at this time. Although first impression was very important, he didn’t want to make her like others more, even if it was Zheng Shou or the ‘master’ he decided to partner with.

“Zheng Shou is very cute.”

This beastman seemed careless from the first glance, but he was a honest person. He was shocked when he saw her but there was not a trace of any obscenity in his eyes. Birds of a feather flock together indeed. He was really good person who can make Nian JiMo consider him a friend and ally.

Not long after they saw him run into the forest, Zheng Shou was seen blushing and walking over to them shyly.

Sure enough, he went to take a shower. The water dripping from his wet hair stained the gray clothes he changed into.

Nian JiMo glared at him fiercely but Zheng Shou was busy staring at Yang QiQi continuously. Although he wanted to talk to her, his tall and strong body exuded a bliss just from looking at her.

Nian JiMo sighed helplessly. He pulled Yang QiQi over and introduced her to him: “Brother Shou, this is Yang QiQi. I met her in the forest yesterday. She is from a faraway continent, but she will live in the empire in the future. I have decided to become one of her guardian beasts. Brother Shou, you are strong and you have always taken a great care of me. So I want to ask for your opinion. Would you like to join me to become her guardian beast?”

“Guardian beast?” Zheng Shou almost jumped three feet high, “I do! I do!”

He was so afraid of not expressing his opinion clearly that he immediately knelt down on one knee and grasped one of Yang QiQi’s soft hand with a pair of his bear claws. His pair of black eyes looked into her eyes fiercely: “QiQi, I am willing to be your guardian beast. I, Zheng Shou, am willing to spend my whole life following your footsteps. I will always place your life on a higher pedestal than mine, and I will always prioritize your needs over mine. I beg you to accept my loyalty!”

Seeing such a towering bearded man kneeling before her humbly, Yang QiQi felt like this was the scene of a knight swearing an oath to his lady. In fact, what he just said was really to swear allegiance to her.

They just met. Was it this easy to subdue a beastman?

Or was this because of the huge gap in the ratio of male to female in this continent that male beastmen will easily make their oaths when they encounter female beastmen who were slightly pleasing to their eyes?

Wouldn’t become a little bit tricky then?

Yang QiQi looked at his eyes. It was pure without a trace of dirt. His eyes clearly reflected her bright face.

She intuitively felt that what his words were not mixed with any trace of doubt.

“Okay. I accept your loyalty and give you the permission to be one of my guardian beasts.” She chuckled lightly. She put her other hand, that was not grasped, on his shoulder.

With a sound of ‘thump’, the overly happy Zheng Shou fell to the ground, with two lines of blood flowing out of his nose.

Yang QiQi’s eyes twitched, and black lines appeared over her head.

She never knew that her loli form would be so lethal. Her random expressions and actions could even make this big bear have a nosebleed.

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