The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 10 Part 1

Chapter 10: Zheng Shou, The Sloppy Bear [Part 1]

Zheng Shou felt that he had never been so embarrassed in his 32 years of life. The scene from half an hour ago still made him want to hit his head against a rock. But what he wanted to do the most was to tear the white python with his claws.

Why did he favour that damn kid before? Why did he think that kid was pleasing to the eye?!

Thinking of his ignorance about the people around him, Zheng Shou really wanted to pierce his eyes.

Zheng Shou was not the oldest prisoner in the Saintess Forest, but he ranked among the top three in terms of the length of imprisonment. Since he was detained when he was 13 years old, he had become accustomed to the simple and free life here.

As a long-experienced male, most prisoners would address him as ‘senior’. He had already tossed his personal image in the corner. His image was already established with tattered shorts, a head full of messy black hair, a naked and strong upper body finally pairing all these with his tanned and oily skin.

There were only of male beastmen serving their sentences in the Saintess forest. Naturally, no females would see them. All the prisoners were too lazy to organize themselves properly so they made themselves comfortable in there.

Of course, there were some exceptions, such as the boring white python, or that special existence.

At that time, Zheng Shou was doing what he did every day at that particular time: holding the shoot of grass in his mouth and rubbing off the lumps of mud with his hands folded in front of his chest against the trunk of a big tree.

In order to steal honey from a honeycomb safely and quickly, he felt it was necessary to find a quagmire and add a mud armour to himself. After he had achieved his goal, as long as he left the mud over his body as it was, it would harden into lumps and fall off by itself. If some lumps sticked to him stubbornly, he would only have to rub that part off manually.

What an effective method this was! How genius of a discovery he made!

Even the time to take a bath can be saved.

He was half-squinting his eyes, humming a moan similar to one which could be heard when adults exercised(T/N: XD) from his nasal cavity but was awakened by a soft cough.

Then he saw the Goddess who sent a critical hit to his pitiful heart.

Almost all his memories about females have become obscure over time. Even in his spring dreams (T/N: he means wet dreams lol), there was only a fuzzy appearance of a female. But he could be sure that this young girl standing not far in front of him was different from all the other female beastmen. She was the ultimate example of a female, the dream Goddess of all male beastmen.

Zheng Shou, who was attacked by Yang QiQi’s beauty, widened his eyes. His mouth opened into an o-shape, and the grass shoot fell down, with a suspicious bright yellow fluid at one end.(T/N:There was a double star ** in the raws so I took the liberty to complete the sentence as I understood it.)

Even at this point of time, his hands were still rubbing his chest with great dedication. He didn’t notice the two small red beads on his chest erected excitedly under the pressure of his hands.

This was a dream~

It must be a dream or else how could a little female appear in the Saintess Forest?! And she was so perfect!

O almighty Beast God in the heavens. I, Zheng Shou, imagined such a perfect little female. I am really excited. Hoot~

Nian JiMo clenched his fist, put it on his lips and coughed a few times in an effort to attract the attention of Zheng Shou, his pig teammate.

Zheng Shou usually had a sloppy temper, but excluding his carefree life, he was one of masters in the Saintess forest. Nian JiMo understood the lethality of Yang QiQi’s appearance, but Zheng Shou’s reaction was too embarrassing, wasn’t it? Look at that shameful beastman. In which mind did he recommend him to QiQi? Will that master be like this? This shouldn’t be impossible ah!

Now, Zheng Shou only had Yang QiQi left in his eyes.

As for Nian JiMo… Who is that? (T/N: He is so funny lmao (ノ∇≦*) )

“Brother Shou, Brother Shou!” Nian JiMo had to step forward and pat him on the shoulder.

“Oh ~ Nian JiMo, why are you here?” Zheng Shou only glanced at him from the corner of his eye, and then stared at Yang QiQi without blinking, in fear that his Goddess might disappear.

Brother Shou?

Yang QiQi’s serious expression finally cracked as she laughed out loud with a ‘pfft’ sound.

Zheng Shou blinked in surprise: his Goddess looked more beautiful when she smiled.

“QiQi, this is the Zheng Shou I told you about.” Nian JiMo hated the iron for not becoming steel(1). He cast a sideways glance at Zheng Shou and said in an embarrassed tone: “Don’t look at Brother Shou being like this. In fact, he is usually reliable. His beast form is a moon bear which is characterized by its great strength and high defence.”


(1) 恨铁不成钢 – This is an idiom from one of the four great classical novels in China known as “Dream of the Red Chamber” by Cao Xueqin. It means to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations when others set a high bar in hope of seeing improvement.

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