The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 42 Part 1

Chapter 42: Whether Alive Or Dead, He Belongs To Me Forever [Part 1] “Wham!” Shen YuanLiang was smashed to the ground with a loud sound. “Crack–” The ground of the arena couldn’t bear the continuous momentum of Shen YuanLiang’s huge body crashing into it. Under his back, cracks gradually appeared which spread outwards like a … Read more

The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 41 Part 2

Chapter 41: Entering The Saintess Hall [Part 2] Shen YuanLiang looked at Luo Chong suspiciously. “Ahahaha~” Luo Chong laughed exaggeratedly and stepped forward to hug Shen YuanLiang. He patted his back with all his strength and said, “I haven’t seen you for merely some days but Shen YuanLiang, you look much more youthful. Aiyo, I … Read more