Since Being a Grandpa

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Name: Since Being a Grandpa | Being a Grandfather | Start from being a Grandfather

Novel | economic novel | web novel


Zhang Ran was reborn in 1967 in this parallel world. The world is very similar to his previous life with memories of his previous life.

On May 19, 1990, Zhang Ran finished his overseas business trip and returned to China on a luxury cruise ship with full expectation and joy.

After the cruise ship traveled through a cloud of fog, Zhang Ran discovered that the time was directly in 2018, and their cruise ship had arrived 28 years later.

‘Overnight’, Zhang Ran’s originally lonely account suddenly added sons, daughters-in-law, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters.

RAWS: Qidian

Tags: Economics, Action, Mystery, Romance, overpowered protagonist, political

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