Pearl in the Palm: Chapter 9, Part 1

Chapter 9, Part 1

Ye Lizhu continued walking shakily, and Ti Xiao stared at her back until she disappeared completely.

Ye Lizhu has a beautiful walking posture, with a soft waist and a graceful posture, just like a water lotus in the wind.

Her waist was too thin, less than a grip, and looked very soft. He didn’t know what it will feel like to hold this slender waist in his hand.

When Ye Lizhu returned to the pavilion, Mama Chen and the others had been looking for her for a long time.

Mama Chen said: “Young miss, where have you been? The prime minister’s residence is too big. On another day, I will show you the way around. If you don’t know the way, you mustn’t walk around by yourself.”

Ye Lizhu nodded: “Mama Chen, I understand.”

Mama Chen said: “It’s quite sunny. Xiao Hong, get an umbrella, don’t let the young miss get too exposed under the sun.”

A girl in a pink maidservant’s dress hurried over and put the umbrella above Ye Lizhu’s head.

The maidservant’s eyes were big, agile, and shrewd. She said: “Young miss, I’ll hold the umbrella for you.”

Ye Lizhu walked to the left of the maidservant. Seeing that the maidservant looked pretty good, she casually asked a few more questions: “Your name is Xiao Hong? How old are you this year?”

Xiao Hong smiled and answered: “I was originally called Hong Hua, but everyone else thought it’s tacky, so now I’m just Xiao Hong. This servant is sixteen years old this year.”

When she returned to Jing Shui pavilion, Ye Lizhu read a book for a while, and after lunch, she sat lazily on the couch and embroidered.

Mama Chen saw that Xiao Hong caught Ye Lizhu’s eye, and since there should always be two maidservants in the inner room to serve tea and pour water, she urged Xiao Hong to pour tea for Ye Lizhu.

Xiao Hong was also smart and knew that although there were almost ten maidservants and servant women in Jing Shui Xuan, only a few can enter the inner room to serve. If the young miss has taken a liking towards her, maybe in the future, she might be able to stay and serve in the inner room forever.

She made a cup of tea and brought it to Ye Lizhu with both hands: “Young miss, please have tea. This is this year’s new tea, called Longyuan Shengxue. There are only 20 tea cakes sent to the palace per year. Only the Empress and the four consorts have it. The prime minister’s residence has a total of 10 tea cakes; master and young master both have three, and the remaining ones were given to you.” [1]

Ye Lizhu looked at the tea soup. The tea soup was actually snowy white, Longyuan Shengxue truly captured the two words “snow white”.

She took a sip: “You are clever. Let’s not call you Xiao Hong, it’s too common. Change your name to Yusha.”

Xiao Hong got a new name, she immediately beamed with joy: “Thanking young miss for the bestowed name!”

Ye Lizhu nodded and put down the tea she had tasted: “I’ll go to sleep for a while, you can go.”

The maidservant not daring to stay for a long time, closed the windows, took out the ice basin, and closed the curtains.

Ye Lizhu lied on the couch with her clothes. She felt stuffy in her chest and felt ill. Before falling asleep in a daze, Ye Lizhu was thinking that tonight, she will go back to that wall and take a look.


1)tea cake or compressed tea: in ancient China, tea was dried, powdered or directly compressed, and molded into various forms (bricks, discs, or cakes). They can be used as beverages or eaten directly.

Longyuan Shengxue/Longtuan Shengxue: A famous tea in the Song dynasty. The name “Snow in the Dragon Garden” was because the tea cakes were made with dragon shapes on them, and the tea was said to be white as snow.

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