Pearl in the Palm: Chapter 8, Part 2

Chapter 8, Part 2

Ti Xiao and Zhao Yun came to the prime minister’s house, and of course, Ye Fu’an came to receive the two with a smile.


He knew in his heart that Ti Xiao wishes for Zhao Yun to marry his precious daughter. Ye Fu’an needed to clarify something.


Zhao Yun, as the crown prince of the country, was a person like orchids and jade trees,[1] and most of the capital’s noble ladies were fond of him. Although Ye Fu’an didn’t associate with any particular party, including the Crown Prince’s, for personal gains, he has to admit that the Crown Prince was indeed outstanding.


However, Ye Fu’an couldn’t allow Ye Lizhu’s husband to be too powerful, fearing that Ye Lizhu would be wronged.


Ye Fu’an didn’t need to rely on his daughter to consolidate Ye family’s power. The Ye family has always relied on men. For so many years, the Ye family has never had sent their daughters to the palace.


When it came to Ye Lizhu, it would naturally be the same.


Ye Fu’an had ordered a young manservant to open the multi-story Linxian Tower, and the three of them were talking over wine.


It was windy high up in the building with all six windows open. While Ye Fu’an and Zhao Yun were discussing the matter of reforming Nanbu county’s mulberry field this year, Ti Xiao was looking out the window.


This was the fourth floor of the tallest building owned by the Ye family. The Linxian Tower was in the north corner of the Ye family’s residence. Looking south, one can almost see the entire residence.


Ti Xiao observed the layout of the entire Ye Mansion, roughly guessing where Ye Fu’an would let Ye Lizhu reside.


Ye Fu’an was a little uncertain seeing that Ti Xiao hadn’t talked about marriage for a long time.


If Ti Xiao doesn’t talk about it, Ye Fu’an can’t take the initiative. Looking at Ti Xiao, he said: “Your Highness, what strange wind is blowing over there?”


Ti Xiao turned his head and answered: “After staying at a high place for a long time, this prince feels dizzy. Crown Prince, you and the prime minister continue talking. This prince will go down and walk around.”


Zhao Yun was surprised, and then smilingly said: “Uncle doesn’t like high places. Prime Minister, just now you said that the area of the ​​mulberry field should be reduced…”


Ti Xiao went downstairs, and without his entourage, the people of Ye residence naturally didn’t dare to follow him.


He was an outsider, and there were many female family members in the inner courtyard. As an outsider, it would be difficult to enter the inner courtyard casually. There were layers upon layers of tall walls. He speculated about the two possible residences of Ye Lizhu. Although he knew that it was unlikely to see her, there was still this idea.


The night he saw Ye Lizhu, Ti Xiao, who used to fall asleep dreamlessly had a dream, and last night, he had another dream. This dream was too unbearable that when Ti Xiao woke up this morning, his face went through many changes, even though his mood rarely fluctuated. While changing clothes, he thought this woman must definitely not be given to the Crown Prince.


Ti Xiao merely thought that Ye Lizhu was born too beautiful, a femme fatale. Although he has a clear heart with little desire, he was a normal man after all. Seeing such a stunning beauty, it wasn’t difficult to understand his thoughts. Perhaps, he should bring the person home, and see them more often. Looking at her every day, he will eventually find that she is almost the same as other women. Nothing else but good-looking.


Ti Xiao moved forward while Ye Lizhu who was tired of sitting on the swing was about to return to Jing Shui pavilion.


It’s just that Ye residence was too big, she went around in circles and got lost.


At this point in time, she didn’t meet anyone who could give her directions, and she ended up walking farther and farther out of the inner courtyard.


Ye Lizhu was weak, she was already panting after walking a few steps. She wiped the sweat from her forehead, her face pale. When passing by a certain place, Ye Lizhu leaned against the wall and rested. In less than a quarter of an hour, she felt that a little bit more lively.


Her chest was less stuffy.


Her legs were no longer as heavy as if filled with lead.


Ye Lizhu felt strange as if the feeling that night seemed to be back again.


She was born inadequate, her body was particularly poor, and she didn’t know how a normal person felt, but now she felt as if she was as healthy as a normal person.


Ye Lizhu walked away from the wall and towards the arch in front unknowingly.


A man almost collided with her.


This man was too tall, even taller than Ye Fu’an.


Ye Lizhu has been in Ming Buddhist Temple since she was five years old. Ever since she can remember, except for her father, she has never really seen any man. The manservant beside Ye Fu’an couldn’t look at the eldest miss at all, moreover, with a servant woman beside her, Ye Fu’an’s manservant wouldn’t be able to touch Ye Lizhu’s finger.


Therefore, most of the people Ye Lizhu saw every day were women. Suddenly seeing a tall man with a sword hanging from his waist, Ye Lizhu felt a little uncomfortable.


She finally realized that she seemed to have gone the wrong way; if she were in the inner courtyard, it was unlikely for her to meet such a big man.


Ye Lizhu didn’t know this person. Moreover, men and women were different; they cannot meet, nor can they talk. Therefore, after a moment’s hesitation, she turned around and walked back.


At this moment she still has some impressions and should be able to find her way back to the pavilion. Then, she’d just wait for Mama Chen to come to her.


Ti Xiao: “…”


Watching the mountains from the top floor, watching the snow from the top of the city, watching the moon in front of the lights, watching the red clouds from a boat, and watching the beauty under the moon, are the most beautiful sceneries. He thought that Ye Lizhu under the moon was only a little more attractive because of the hazy moon. Looking at her who was now under the sun, he found that Ye Lizhu looked better, better than what he had thought these past two days.


Ye Lizhu wore a light golden dress with layer upon layers of muslin, quite elegant. Her eyebrows were lowered, gentle and soft, but the cinnabar between her eyebrows was a dazzling red. Because of the daylight, Ti Xiao saw clearly and realized that she could really afford the word “stunner”.




Why didn’t Ye Lizhu raise her head look at him?


Hiding after seeing him, was she shy?


Ti Xiao’s fingers curled, and he watched Ye Lizhu disappear, step by step.


Back to Ye Lizhu. After walking farther, she finally found out that something was wrong.


She felt that she was not physically strong again and felt unwell.


Obviously, she was fine when she was leaning against that wall just now.


Could it be that the wall was that magical?


Ye Lizhu looked back at the wall again but was surprised to find that the man who she had just met was still there, staring at her with sharp eyes.


The man’s gaze made Ye Lizhu uncomfortable. She could perceive that this man was extraordinary, and a person of esteemed position, perhaps a good friend of her father. However, this person was too shameless, staring at her all the time, as if his eyes could poke holes into her body.


When Ti Xiao saw Ye Lizhu turned around to look at him, he couldn’t help but feel funny: Just a moment ago, she was still bashful, but now that she was a little farther away, she dared to look boldly back at him.


  1. zhī lán yù shù lit. orchids and jade trees (idiom)/a promising child/ a person with both talent and integrity
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