Pearl in the Palm: Chapter 5

After entering the palace, Ye Jiayou did not sit with Ye Fu’an. The children of the Zhao imperial clan, in addition to heirs of non-imperial princes, were all there. They were about the same age, and they usually mingled and played together. At this time, the adults were drinking in the banquet room, while they sat outside, chatting and laughing.

Suddenly a cold wind swept their way, Ye Jiayou and Prince Chen’s heir looked up and saw that a tall man had come over and was about to go inside.

Ye Jiayou has seen all of the capital’s high-ranking officials and dignitaries. The man in front of him was vigorous and handsome, elegant, calm, dignified, and generous, carrying a faint majesty. He had never seen such a man before. 

However, Ye Jiayou saw that this man entered the palace and was about to face the Holy One yet he wore a black-gold scimitar at his waist. He was accompanied by Crown Prince Zhao Yun on his left, and behind the two was the chief eunuch who fawns on ordinary concubines. This was Prince Qin of Xianzhou.

Ti Xiao ignored the dozen or so little boys outside. He was about to move forward, but when passing by Ye Jiayou, Ti Xiao’s eyes swept inadvertently and he suddenly stopped his pace. 

This little boy with picturesque and exquisite facial features was three-point similar to Ye family’s daughter he saw that day.

Ti Xiao said, “Is this Ye’s son?”

Crown Prince Zhao Yun didn’t know why his uncle suddenly asked about this, he also stopped and beckoned Ye Jiayou to come over.

Zhao Yun patted Ye Jiayou on the shoulder, and said to Ti Xiao: “This is Ye family’s legitimate son named Ye Jiayou.”

He said to Ye Jiayou: “Brother Ye, this is Prince Qin.”

Ye Jiayou saluted: “Your Highness the Crown Prince, Your Highness Prince Qin.”

Zhao Yun and Ye Jiayou were not familiar. Putting the ages of the two here, Zhao Yun was now seventeen or eighteen, while Ye Jiayou was only seven or eight. In addition, Ye Fu’an was not the Crown Prince’s person, so Zhao Yun and Ye Jiayou don’t meet very often.

Seeing that Ye Jiayou looked delicate and handsome, Zhao Yun thought that Ye Jiayou doesn’t have guts, and Ti Xiao’s cold and baleful face frightens a lot of children. Zhao Yun smiled and said, “Brother Ye, you don’t have to be shy, according to seniority, you should be calling Prince  Qin ‘uncle’.” 

Tixiao raised his eyebrows: “Yun’er, in your eyes, am I that old already, so that when a child of this age sees me, he has to call me ‘uncle’?”

Zhao Yun: “…”

If not ‘uncle’, then what? He just called Ye Jiayou his brother, so he can’t let Ye Jiayou call Ti Xiao ‘brother’ as well, right?

Zhao Yun was more like his mother, the current Empress Ti. He was elegant and gentle, and he smiles like a spring breeze. Zhao Yun smiled and looked at Ye Jiayou, just to see how Ye Jiayou would deal with the awkward situation.

Ye Jiayou said: “His Highness Prince Qin is vigorous and fierce, not old. You and His Highness the Crown Prince, standing together like this, look like brothers, you are just higher in terms of seniority.”

Ti Xiao took off the small leaf red sandalwood beaded bracelet he was wearing, and put them in Ye Jiayou’s hands: “You talk well at such a young age.”

Ye Jiayou thanked him.

Before Ti Xiao left, he glanced at Ye Jiayou again but Ye Lizhu’s pure face flashed in his mind.

He had already asked people to inquire about Ye Lizhu’s name. Most people outside didn’t know Ye Lizhu’s name, and Ye Mansion was strictly disciplined. How could the eldest miss’ name be told casually? Until now, Ti Xiao didn’t know what Ye Lizhu’s name was.

After Ti Xiao and the prince entered, Ye Jiayou sat back. He stuffed the beaded bracelet into his sleeve and took a sip of fruit wine.

Prince Chen’s heir came over: “How does it feel to be taken care of by Prince Qin?”

Ye Jiayou pushed his head away: “How else? You wish Prince Qin takes care of you next time.”

Prince Chen’s heir laughed and said, “He stopped in front of you just now and my heart already jumped to my throat. Jiayou, did you see the sword on his waist? I heard people say that it is a rare weapon in the world. It is the first weapon to be cast from black gold and phoenix stone. I could feel the cold air emanating from his blade even from afar.”

Ye Jiayou said: “There are eyes and ears all around the palace, speak fewer words.”

The heir laughed out loud and then suddenly put his arms around Ye Jiayou’s neck: “Am I your brother?”

Ye Jiayou said: “Naturally, you’re my brother so speak whatever you want to say.”

Prince Chen’s heir said: “I heard my father say that your sister is back… Jiayou, in half a month, my second sister will invite a few little sisters to view flowers in the plum garden. Let your sister come over, take a look at the flowers, and drink tea.”

Ye Jiayou knocked off the heir’s hand with a slap: “Go daydream. There are no plum blossoms in May. Can you try to bloom one for me? No doubt about it,  you’re making up a lie.”

The heir said: “Hey, Jiayou, you’d have to let your sister fit in with the capital’s noblewomen, how can she do that if she doesn’t come out and play with others.”

Ye Jiayou smiled and said: “My sister is precisely a noble daughter. Is it possible that her identity will be lost if she doesn’t play with everyone? My father said she is weak and can’t go out casually, but since you are my brother, I will go ask what my sister thinks then, I will have someone give you a message sometime later.”

Although Ye Jiayou was young, he also knew a few things. The Prime minister’s mansion suddenly gained a daughter, and immediately, everyone wants to see if she is really as weak as the rumor says. If the body is okay, the families seeking marriage will definitely wear down the Ye’s family’s doorstep.

Without his father’s permission, it is absolutely impossible for Ye Jiayou to take his sister out to meet people.

Soon, the banquet was over, and Ye Jiayou went back home with Ye Fu’an.

Ye Fu’an’s face was good. He said, “Prince Qin will not stay in the capital for long, this time it is only to offer tribute. This person truly scares people. Stinky boy, I heard before Prince Qin came in, he talked to your first. “

Ye Jiayou said, “It’s just for your face, father, and he merely casually greeted me, nothing important. Look, he gave me a bracelet, it’s quite expensive.”

Ye Fu’an said, “Look at Prince Qin, nine feet tall, as bright as the sun and the moon, and capable in both literary and military arts. Today in the palace hall, the Second Prince was admonished to speechlessness. Those coarse fellows who support the Second Prince were furious. Look at yourself, you stop halfway through sword training, halfway through horseriding, you broke your leg…”

Ye Jiayou said: “Prince Qin is so good, you should just take him as your son then.”

Ye Fu’an was furious: “Nonsense! That’s the Empress’ younger brother, how can I let him call me father!” — Let Tixiao, the cold King of Hell, call him father, that’s asking for someone’s life.

Ye Jiayou smiled and said: “I was just talking casually. Prince Qin is so much older than me, he and I are not even in the same generation. Dad, how could you compare us? How many people in the court can even compare to him? In my heart, you are more powerful than him.”

When he got home, Ye Jiayou jumped out of the carriage: “Father, Zhuzhu should have woken up by now. I brought some pastries from the palace for her.”

Ye Fu’an said: “Call her ‘older sister’, don’t let your sister laugh at you not distinguishing between the young and the old.” [1]

When he got to the door, Ye Jiayou hesitated a little and didn’t dare to go in.

Since he was a child, he had heard people talk about his older sister who was being raised in the temple. Ye Fu’an often praised Ye Lizhu, all day long.

Ye Jiayou really wanted to see Ye Lizhu. He had no mother when he was born. While on the surface, Wu-shi took care of him, she didn’t really love him. The other two aunts only feared and respected him. Ye Jiayou wanted to know if his older sister from the same father and mother would like him?


1) méi dà méi xiǎo: not big not small/ not distinguishing between the young and the old/ being rude or disrespectful to someone older.

Nini: This is another short chapter so I decided not to split it. Anyway, I changed Ye Fuan to Ye Fu’an since it’s the correct way. Sorry for the confusion! I hope you enjoyed this one. Ye Jiayou is so cute, right? Ti Xiao is right, he’s quite eloquent. 

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Peter Tchaikovsky
Peter Tchaikovsky
4 months ago

Yep her little brother is cute! I was shocked when they mentioned he was 8 or 7 years old!!!

Thank you for the chapter :3

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