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Author’s Notes on the various levels of the ‘Saintess Hall’: 

Wherever there is a female, there will a ‘Saintess Hall’ that specializes in caring for female beastmen. Therefore, every city, regardless of its size, has a ‘Saintess Hall’. The ranks, from low to high, are — white, green, yellow, red, and purple.

1. White Rank: For all females. However, those females who have their attributes detected by the special instrument, have a chance to be promoted to green rank. Do not have the permission to cultivate without any exclusive approval.

2. Green Rank: Have ordinary females as well as Female Warriors. It has a specially designed ‘Ladies’ Combat Court’ for practice purposes. If any female’s attribute gets promoted to the next level, it must be reported to the Yellow ranked ‘Saintess Hall’. No private training.

3. Yellow Rank: Have some ordinary females as well as Female Warriors of a higher stage. For females, there are primary ‘Ladies’ Combat Court’ and advanced ‘Ladies’ Combat Court’. Have no right to withhold females of Lady Marshal rank.

4. Red Rank: These Saintess Halls have only one building — ‘Lady Marshal Building’ which houses females who reach the Lady Marshal rank.

5. Purple Rank: Has only one ‘Saintess Temple’ which is the highest place for all the females in the Beast World. Purple rank is the ultimate honor for female beastmen. They are the Empire’s most powerful females with attributes and the location of the temple is concealed.


Author’s note on the attachment of the ‘Nursery Hall’ to the ‘Saintess Hall’:

Like the classification of the ‘Saintess Hall’, the ‘Nursery Hall’ is also divided into five levels. From low to high, it is Tier 1 to Tier 5 respectively. 

There are separate buildings for Tier 1 to Tier 3 of the ‘Nursery Hall’, which are usually adjacent to the ‘Saintess Hall’. On the surface, the two halls are equal, but in fact, priority is given to the needs of the ‘Saintess Hall’ over the ‘Nursery Hall’ in every aspect.

Tier 4 and Tier 5 of the ‘Nursery Hall’ are directly merged into the Red and Purple Rank of ‘Saintess Hall’.


Author’s note on the livelihood of the males and females:

According to the custom of the Beast World, once a male beastman becomes the Guardian Beast of a female, their development direction has a lot to do with whether the female has awakened supernatural attributes or not. The first situation: If his partner is a Female Warrior, as a husband and a combat partner, in the future, a male will basically train himself in martial arts all his life and be supported by the Empire. The second situation: If his partner is an ordinary female, a male basically has to engage in business, agriculture, handicraft and other fields to earn their livelihood. If he is really keen on martial arts, he can only join the army of the Empire. The third situation: Some males without a partner, in addition to being qualified for the second situation, can also pass assessments or challenges to become attendants of any level of the relevant branches/ranks of the ‘Saintess Hall’.


Purple Rank is the 1st rank, Red Rank is the 2nd rank, Yellow Rank is the 3rd rank Green Rank is the 4th rank and White Rank is the lowest and 5th rank.

Every attendant in every ‘Saintess Hall’ has a nameplate indicating his identity. The first digit on the nameplate represents the Rank of the ‘Saintess Hall’, the second digit indicated the grade of that particular ‘Saintess Hall’ among the others in the same rank, and the number after r specified the place occupied by the cardholder in terms of strength in the ‘Saintess Hall’ he works in.

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