I am the newly born woman of around thirty Volume 2 Chapter 9

How do I act on evil things on behalf of those mobs and let Relleru-chan and Muriel-sama meet?

In face of the serious mission, I couldn’t come up with a good idea, so I had spent my days impatiently and in agony. However, the situation suddenly changed.

One refreshing morning, as I was watching Relleru-chan in the background of her classmates, I noticed a bracelet on her wrist.

It has a slender silver chain and a red jewel around the size of the tip of the little finger.

At first glance, it’s just an ordinary bracelet, but it’s actually a fairly expensive magic tool.

It’s a magic tool that bounces off any kind of attack and it has a very high price. It is very expensive that even aristocrats can’t get their hands on it.

Moreover, small gems are rare so, high-quality red diamonds are valuable even if they don’t have any effect like that magic tool.

Shining on Relleru-chan’s arm, it looks similar to what Muriel-sama was supposed to give her as a talisman in the library of the encounter.

It’s a good thing that I don’t stand out as a supporting character, and I can look at her bracelet.

The intricate silver chains and the sparkling crimson gem is definitely genuine.

There’s no doubt that it’s the same bracelet I saw in the manga.

What on earth does this mean?

Did Muriel-sama and Relleru-chan meet?

Before you know it? How? Why?

My head is occupied by doubts, and I slightly panic.

What’s more, the book that Relleru-chan is reading is something that Muriel-sama (should have) recommended as it is a book that explains how to handle magic powers in an easy-to-understand manner!

But other than worrying about the absence of the three evil mobs, I still haven’t done doing anything.

Despite this, the two seem to have already met.

The word fate popped into my head as I stared at the bracelet.

Fate—also called destiny.

No matter what happens, will they meet?

Are they bound by an inseparable fate?

What a romantic world it is, where you can’t break the bond between two people, even if there is are obstacles. 

Does that mean that things will still proceed as similar as possible, even if something unexpected happens in the story?

I, a woman of around thirty that was crushed by the harshness of society, had no idea.

When I was an office worker, I naturally had to wipe my ass myself whenever I made a mistake.

My boss was unreliable, and I used to deal with unexpected accidents by myself, so I naturally didn’t even think that the situation would fix itself.

But anyway, this is good.

Relleru-chan seems to have met Muriel-sama safely and will continue to make good progress towards her happy ending.

I was finally relieved from the pressure, but a few days after that day, anxiety sprouted again in my heart.

Relleru-chan, who had Levin-sama and Muriel-sama on his side, still wants to run away from the magical game with Ricardo.

That’s strange.  Relleru-chan should have decided to defeat Ricardo-sama because her important flowerbeds later got trampled on.

Then Relleru-chan, who has turned her grief into anger and her anger into a fighting spirit, is supposed to work hard with Levin-sama to raise her fighting power. But right now, Relleru-chan has zero motivation to defeat Ricardo-sama.

Could it be the three mobs were supposed to be the culprits who trampled on the flowerbeds?

In the manga, there was only a depiction of Relleru-chan with “gagan” sound effects and that dramatic background tone (like lightning), so the culprit was not specified.

I felt that can do it instead of those three evil mobs.

But if it were those trios, why didn’t the romantic fate work this time?

If so, do I have to ruin the flowerbeds instead of the trios?

Feeling sad about doing something disgusting, I decided to visit the flowerbed for the time being.

Even though I skipped the class, my supporting skill was useful for the first time and let me go unnoticed.

I sneak through an unpopular school building and head toward Relleru-chan’s flowerbed.


There is someone in the flower bed. Looking from the back, it’s a girl.

I tilted my head, wondering who it was. Then when I approached, I noticed that the flowerbed had been trampled on already.


The girl looks back to my loud voice, which I had accidentally let out.

The girl has purple curly hair, sharp eyes, and nasty, purple-colored lips.  She has thick make-up, heavy perfume, and decorated herself with jewelry that hurts people’s eyes.

I remembered the girl’s aggressive appearance.

Forte Margherita is a haughty young lady who is too proud of her own bloodline and looks down on others.

She is the descendant of the venerable royal family of the neighboring country, and she also has the Head of the “Medical Magic” in this country as her father. Thus, she is one of the candidates for Ricardo-sama’s official consort.

She would relentlessly harass and eliminate girls who can be her rivals in approaching Ricardo.

Forte Margherita is, in a word, a villain.

“I-it’s not me.”

She got shocked by me, who suddenly appeared, but she immediately denied her crimes.

However, not only Forte’s hands but also her feet are covered with mud. Moreover, what she was doing is clear, even at just a glance.

“Here, let’s go this way…”

It seems that the culprit of the flower bed was not those trios who had been hospitalized, but the villain.

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