I am the newly born woman of around thirty Volume 2 Chapter 3

Trigger Warning: Attempted r*pe

I am so stupid.

I tried to escape from the cleaning locker by tilting its center of gravity, becoming dizzy in the process

I succeeded in getting out, but I couldn’t resist the gravity, of course, and I fell to the floor.

While lying on the cold floor, I just earnestly wait for the effects of the magic to wore off.

Ricardo-sama was targeting all his powers at Relleru-chan, so I only suffered from the aftermath and was fine.

But my powers won’t be able to solve it even if times go by.

As I was moaning sadly about my problem, the door suddenly opened, and three hooligans who have bad fashion senses entered the room.

From their familiar action, they may be using this place as a spot to do bad deeds.


“What is it!?”

“Oh! Who’s that?”

The three were looking at me, who was lying down and groaning, with their eyes round from shock.

That’s right. Anyone would be scared if a person was lying down in a dimly lit classroom.

Surprise! The three hooligans who look at each other’s faces now have weird expressions.

They really looked like evil mobs that would do bad things.

They approached me with vigilance, crouched down near me with some distance, grabbed my chin, and lifted it roughly.

Hey, don’t pull my neck! My waist was also bent in the process and it hurts a lot.

Gibu, Gibu! This position is really hard for me who was only able to stretch my upper body until 3 centimeters during a sports test.

I wanted to complain, but since the effect of Ricardo’s magic has not yet faded, I can only make out a small groan.

“Oh! It’s a woman”

“What? Seriously?”

“Show me the face over here”

Another man grabbed me by the chin and turned me to him.

“It’s sobering.”

These three hooligans are rude to comment about a person’s appearance in front of the person in question.

Urusei wai! Tiariela Norfolk has a humble face.

I was in a supporting position so, I just have a face that is hard to remember, BUT it’s not ugly at all!

My face was painstakingly drawn by the assistant of the author of “Flowers Blooming in the Snow”!

Well, probably…

Anyway! Apologize, apologize to the assistant!

“So? What do should we do? Let’s do it?”

“But isn’t dangerous if we get caught?”

“It’s okay. She’s probably just one of the cleaning women. Besides, being in such an unpopular empty classroom, it’s like she’s asking for it.”

To my resentment, my ears heard the weird conversation between the three.

Feeling the disturbing air, I turned my gaze towards them and saw the trio surrounding me with creepy grins.

Their shadows covered and darkened my field of vision, making cold sweats flow out from my sweat glands.

Kku, this situation is very bad.

I am currently wearing the cleaning work clothes I got through mail order from a workshop.

I was dressed up like this for the unlikely event that I’ll be exposed to Ricardo-sama.

These murine-colored work clothes are perfect and can only be seen worn by a cleaning lady.

It would blend in the room and the hall.

However, this is seriously bad.

Because the eyes of the three men are clearly showing a condescending attitude.

It’s typical to rotten aristocrats.

Such ridicules are common whenever they interact with commoners, especially with women who are cleaning, treating them as they like.

I’m angry that they’re like that, but I can’t afford to fight back myself.

“Don’t make a fuss. We’re going to use it. Thank you.”

I can hear the rattling noise of metal rubbing, which makes my heart beat faster.

What!? Hey, hey!?

The panicking sound of my heart sounded directly into my head loudly.

Lucky! Because of the sense of crisis, I was able to escape from the control of Ricardo’s magical power.

With the adrenaline rush, I got a lot of strength.

However, even though I jumped up and tried to escape, but I was still outnumbered by them.

“Oops, don’t run away now.”

One person behind me held me and I can’t move.

“Hey, no!”

Stop it! stop it! Stay away! Boys!

I tell you! I am a dried fish who only had two experiences at the age of 29!

There is only one partner though.

Moreover, he was a virgin railroad nerd, and his experience points are like zero because he was poor at it!

In the middle of our memorable first time, he had talked passionately about railways.

Can you understand my feelings that when I was compared to a railroad?

When I refused to say that his train is a forwarding train, I was then told goodbye.

Am I to blame!? No, it’s not bad. Yeah.

But I regretted that I had dedicated my first time to him.

That’s why I thought I was going to find a nice guy in this life……..

“You’re shaking. Yes, it’s cute.”

When I shivered at their loud and amused voices, more hands held me down, and their laughter became louder.

I tried to kick them with my free leg, but someone’s hand immediately grabbed my leg.

They are laughing at me as I panic more and more.

“I have it the most.”

“Well, I’ll have it the most too.”

There weren’t feeling any guilt and they were even laughing at me.

I shook my head, which was free to move, and some of my hair fell to my cheeks, blocking my view.

The fact that my vision was blocked only sharpened my other senses.

I feel the warm excited breath, the hands of someone I don’t know, and a man’s smelly body odor drifting closely.

All of that made me feel tremendous disgust. My head blanked, and my eyes only saw pitch black.

“…… tsu!!”

The cold air envelopes my legs when my work pants were being taken off. Then several hands crawled and rubbed against my skin.

“… Ah, hey … stop …”

“Shut up.”

My mouth was then blocked and I couldn’t even speak.

The heart palpitates at an abnormal speed, and my trembling body loses its strength.

…… tsu!!!

No! I’m scared. What should I do!

Hey, somebody help me!

But because my mouth was blocked, there was only a small sound that escapes my mouth to ask for help.

It can’t reach outside the room, and even if it does resonate outside, it’s an empty classroom that few people go through.

No help will come, and I can’t even run away on my own.

It was a time when I am in a terrible mess, without finding any possibility of escaping.


“What is it?”

Suddenly, the bodies of the men who were in close contact with me, separated.

Then, the loud noises of hitting the wall and falling, including the three guy’s groan echoed.

I had no idea what had happened, and I remained stiff on the floor.

I finally noticed that my hands were released, that I was free, and I look around to check the situation.

The empty classroom which had been cluttered from the start was messed up further.

Desks and chairs are flying all over the place, and three people fell and were soon buried in it.

What happened??

When I opened my eyes, I noticed a tall man in front of the three of them.

The presence of the man was so great that I was impressed that I had never noticed him before.

A pure white shirt and a pair of black trousers.

His outfit was very common but his face was wrapped with cotton cloth, making his eyes the only thing visible.

A man with a mummy face is a suspicious person by all means.

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