I am the newly born woman of around thirty Volume 2 Chapter 2

Trigger Warning: Attempted r*pe

As I waited while holding my breath, I heard Relleru-chan scream from the hallway.

Immediately, there was a rattling sound of the door opening.

“Please let go, let go!”

Relleru-chan was desperately resisting Ricardo-sama who was dragging her.

It seems that Relleru-chan’s nails were sharp as a faint line of blood formed and ran on the back of Ricardo-sama’s hands when she trying to shake off his hands and accidentally scratched him in the process.

After looking down at the back of his hand, Ricardo-sama looked at Relleru-chan with ruthless eyes.

Shuddering Relleru-chan apologizes using a soft voice, but Ricardo-sama did not accept it.

Ricardo-sama grabbed Relleru-chan’s jaw and fix her gaze on him.

“I’ll let you know what happens if a commoner stands up against me.”

“… No, no, stop!”

Ricardo-sama cornered Relleru-chan against the wall, deliberately pulling the ribbon of her uniform with a slight smirk on his lips.

Relleru-chan, who has his hand lightly brushing her neck, is in a state of panic and tries to escape.

But she was pushed to the floor by Ricardo-sama.

“Did you think you can escape?”

Ricardo-sama looked at Relleru-chan with frightening eyes that seems like he is looking at a prey.

Ricardo-sama, who was laughing a little, had a cruel atmosphere like a predator hunting for a prey even though he was full just because he was bored.

Ricardo-sama stepped on Relleru-chan’s skirt so that she’ll be stuck on the floor to make her feel afraid.

“…… No”

Relleru-chan tries hard to pull the skirt out from under Ricardo-sama’s feet.

Meanwhile, he mocks her helpless resistance.

“Don’t move.”

Ricardo-sama ordered in a voice that contained magic.

It is the magic of sealing the opponent’s movements with words and it is quite advanced, but Ricardo can use it without difficulty.

I wonder if it’s because I’m used to being ordered by nature, but that seems pretty powerful.

A holder of magical powers like Relleru-chan should be able to resist it, but Relleru-chan is currently terribly frightened.

And if people are frightened, their mind will become weaker and their magic is more likely to malfunction.

Thus, Relleru-chan’s movements were sealed by Ricardo-sama’s magical command
Then, when Ricardo-sama tried to eat such Relleru-chan who was in a hopeless state,

“What are you doing!?”

Levin Fitzroy appears.

Levin-sama stared at Ricardo-sama with a black expression and stood between them to protect the trembling Relleru-chan.

Whether he sensed what had happened from the messy clothes or the disordered appearance of Relleru-chan, he had realize that what was done was such a low act!

“It’s been a long time,” Levin said

“You, a lower aristocrat seems to be doing great.”

Ricardo-sama snorted and looked back at Levine-sama, who was looking at him with contempt.

The two of them scatter dangerous sparks while glaring at each other.

Ricardo-sama, who had been cut off by the appearance of his natural enemy, proceeds to leave the empty classroom. But then, he suddenly stopped unexpectedly near the door and looked back at Relleru-chan who is frightened.

“Let’s continue this after the magical match is over.”


A magical match is like a duel.

It all started with students who liked the same woman to settle fairly and squarely.

Since then, it became a normal practice of the students here when something happens like when somebody snatches their side dish or other stupid reasons.

Anyway, the magical match rule is that the loser must follow the winner’s wish.

Recalling the fact, Relleru-chan’s face pales.

“It’s okay. I’ll train you. With that magical power of yours, the chances of you winning are not zero.”

Hearing Levin-sama offers his help, Relleru-chan who is in trouble, took his offer with a glimmer of hope.

After that, Levin-sama and Relleru-chan also left the room.

It was the exact flow of the story that I knew.

Knowing what is going to happen, I should have been able to complete my mission to see the famous scene without any problems, but there was one situation that I did not think of.

Because of that, I can no longer bask in joy from witnessing the entanglement of these three people up close.

It turns out, I was under the influence of the magic command that Ricardo-sama had uttered to Relleru-chan. It’s now impossible for me to move.

“…U, move…..”

I knew Ricardo-sama would seal Relleru-chan’s movements with magic, but I had completely forgotten that it would be effective for everyone else who would listen.

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