I am the newly born woman of around thirty Volume 2 Chapter 11

The story is going well.

Relleru-chan was saddened after seeing that her flowerbeds are trampled on. Because Ricardo-sama mocked them by saying that it was an eyesore, someone tried to please Ricardo-sama and did that to the flowers that Relleru-chan cherished and thew it all in the trash (those flowers are the ones that Forte bought).


Relleru-chan was furious.

It was the super Relleru-chan’s awakening.

Relleru-chan’s looks were somewhat frightening with her angry appearance and the killing intent that she was releasing unconsciously towards Ricardo-sama.

“I can’t lose to you, such Ricardo-sama who can’t love flowers!” Relleru-chan declared her victory.

Relleru-chan looks back to challenge Ricardo-sama, who was smiling at her without any fear.

Wow! It was such an exciting event inside the school.

Sadly, I missed this famous scene because I and the villain were pushing the responsibility for the potted plants to each other. 

Disappointingly, I lost and now the potted plant occupies more than half of my room. 

That’s my situation but I can’t just throw them away or let them wither. What shall I do with this?

And since that day, the villain, Forte Margherita

“Can you give me your time?”

She purposely comes to my class and say dangerous lines.

The purpose of the calls is to talk about how to inflict a lot of damage on Relleru-chan, but what’s my role in here again?

It seems that I have been recognized as a friend by the villain.

Forte is always doing bad things every day and she’s always thinking about how to bully Relleru-chan, but the harassment she does is somewhat mild.

It was also like that in the manga.

Forte has appeared throughout the story as a villain who degrades the main character, Relleru-chan, but for some reason her harassments were plain.

Her flashy appearance, sarcasm, and suggestive remarks give a great impact, but she usually misses to hit the mark. 

To be honest, the villain Mob who later came out suddenly in the story was even doing a better job as an obstacle to love than her.

She is supposed to be a terrible villain who bullies a girl who can be a rival, in other words, those who are interested in Ricardo-sama.

Even though she was supposed to be such a character, she did not stand out much as a villain and she left the fans feeling unsatisfied. 

Now that I met Forte, I finally understand her. 

Forte is a gentle and compassionate person, although everyone might think that her personality was terrifying because of her aggressive appearance and words.

Sure, Forte had repeatedly harassed Relleru-chan. 

But there is no trial that Relleru-chan can’t endure.

Apart from that, Relleru-chan’s strong characteristics were able to develop because of (some of) Forte’s doing but it’s not that Relleru-chan is dull or nerveless at first.

Forte once thought about putting a pin on Relleru-chan’s shoes but putting a pin seems to be too cruel. So, she instead bought a magnet to replace the pin, but it doesn’t work! So, she ended up just getting angry with herself and gave up the harassment plan. 

She also once came early in the morning and secretly took Relleru-chan’s textbook to harass her. But she thought it would be sad if she wrote somethings that could interfere with the class, so she just wrote a little in the margin.

From what I am hearing from her, what this person wants to do… It seems that Forte wants to seriously inflict damage on Relleru-chan, but it just doesn’t go well except for what she had done in Relleru-chan’s flowerbed.

“It looks like Relleru Goldoni has suffered a lot of damage because she tried to stand out despite being a commoner. She deserves it.” 

She was looking at the potted plant with a face that says “I’m not guilty” in a tsundere way. 

You obviously regret it! I can feel it in the atmosphere.

“That’s right … If something important is destroyed, everyone will be hurt. Even I, who was trying to correct the story …”

The chain reactions made me feel sad.

No, I’m really sorry about various things. I apologize to Relleru-chan in my heart.

Forte feels guilty but she still makes plans to harass Relleru-chan because of some reason she is driven by while I am the mob character she consults with. 

The story surrounding the main cast is going well, but the things with us, supporting characters, are lightly chaotic. 

Moreover, this is also unexpected, but Forte and I got along well.

Forte seems to think so too. 

“Setting that aside, I would like you to tell me your favorite sweet’s shop.” 

She often invites me in a tsundere way.

It is like an after-school consultation, but we also go shopping and eat lunch together. 

She’s already my good friend before I knew it. 

In the story, the supporting role of Tiariela Norfolk and the villain daughter Forte Margherita were not friends. 

However, even if there are some irregularities in the supporting characters, it will not affect the story…maybe. 

Let’s just hope that it won’t. 

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