I am the newly born woman of around thirty Volume 2 Chapter 1

A month has passed since I entered the prestigious Lukeson Academy.

The new students who started new lives here that they were not used to are gradually adjusting to the new environment

Then, when the freshness finally faded and the new life becomes a daily routine, an incident occurred.

Today, at last, the heroine Relleru-chan and her partner Ricardo-sama met.

It is the opening of “Flowers Blooming in the Snow”.

Seen live, Relleru Goldoni was so cute that it would be unavoidable for those ikemen, the main characters of the reverse harem, to become mellow.

Fluffy strawberry blonde hair, long lashes of the same color, plump cheeks, and glossy lips.

She has the promise perfect quality of a heroine.

Maybe her uniform is a little bit big as the sleeves are a bit long on her, but it is also cute.

It’s a strange practice, but at Lukeson Academy, all students are given custom-made uniforms.

Anyway, not only is she cute, but Relleru-chan also has enough magic to compete with the royal family.

She has the magical power that everyone envies, but it’s useless for Relleru-chan, whose dream is to succeed in her family’s flower shop.

She was even more unwilling to enroll in Lukeson Academy, which is dominated by royalties and aristocrats.

However, depending on how one uses magic, she learned that withered flowers could bloom again and last longer. Moreover, she could even create good soil for flowers. So, she decided to enter the academy.

The passion she has for flowers are real.

Since most of her classmates have been aristocrats since she entered the school, Relleru-chan lives a lonely school life with no friends.

Even her classmates don’t remember her name.

However, she enjoyed taking care of flower beds that no one cares about, reading a picture book of flowers that do not focus on their appearance, and making fertilizer on her own.

Relleru-chan made it her daily routine to decorate each classroom with flowers that she had grown.

Relleru-chan was hoping that the flowers would add color to her school life. But there was a person who threw the flowers on the floor, saying it was an eyesore, and crushed it.

It goes without saying that the one who did it is the Royal Prince Ricardo Yunguna who has absolute power.

Ricardo-sama clicked his tongue at his shoes with petals as if he had stepped on a dog’s poop.

“Don’t decorate trash.”

He then ordered Relleru-chan, who was stiff in shock, to throw the flowers in the trash and tried to leave.

Relleru-chan, who has an extraordinary love for flowers, runs out of patience here.

“Your Highness, the Crown Prince, you cannot even love flowers! I doubt that you can also love and rule the country!”

She screams very disrespectfully.

Ricardo-sama, who doesn’t like the fact that she’s standing up against him, attacks Relleru-chan with magical power, but she easily repelled it.

Relleru-chan had characteristics like a certain fighter whose fighting power greatly increases when she gets angry.


Ricardo-sama is royalty, and Relleru-chan is just a commoner girl who has recently entered the school.

Ricardo-sama, who has a high pride, is shocked by his powers being repelled.

Without being bothered by such Ricardo-sama, Relleru-chan picks up the flowers that had been bent and pour magic into them.

When you look at it, the flower had returned to its original appearance. This is a fairly advanced technique, and it is not something that new students can execute.

“Huh, how interesting.”

Even though she is a commoner girl, she has talent equal to her high magical power.
Ricardo-sama, who became interested, orders Relleru-chan to do a magic match with him.

Super Relleru-chan who is still angry also stood bullishly.

A magical match between the crown prince and a commoner girl whose name is unknown spread throughout the school in a few moments.

Watching the event at the beginning, I was confused by the funny and noisy reactions of the students of the school.

But while trying to react in the same way as those around me, I was feeling more than happy.
Because, two days after the opening event, there is the first erotic development of Relleru-chan and Ricardo-sama.

When she returns to her normal self, she laments that she has done something irrevocable and begins to regret it.

However, it’s an atmosphere where she can’t take back her words. After all, the topic is all over the school.

After that, she tried to live her school life as inconspicuously as possible, choking her breath even when she was about to cry.

She didn’t want to get attention, so she intentionally chose a route with few people to move to and from the classroom, but this turned out to be a bad idea.

In the inconspicuous place, she ran into Ricardo.

Moreover, Ricardo-sama was in a bad mood, beating a poor schoolboy who bumps into him.

Relleru-chan who has no flower is weak. And if she doesn’t use magic, she won’t win against him through sheer brute strength.

She tries to escape quickly, but her arm is grabbed, and she is taken into an empty classroom.

“Shall I try not to speak cheekily again?” She thought

Relleru-chan’s chastity is in danger!

However, Levin Fitzroy appears there and rescues Relleru-chan

Relleru-chan is frightened by being sandwiched between two people who are glaring at each other.

I plan to sneak a peek at these three people.

After two days of waiting, I figured out the time and place of the event from the memory of my previous life and was ahead of schedule.

I move the cleaning locker in the corner of the empty classroom to an optimal position and went inside.

I cannot say that it is comfortable, but it is a good place to hide.

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