I am the newly born woman of around thirty Volume 1 Chapter 8

The forest monster Melba hides his whole body in a dingy robe.

Besides such a dubious figure, it is a strange creature that comes to my house without being recognized by anyone and eats an impossible amount of rice then leaves.

It’s such a suspicious existence…

“If you want to have a happy ending safely, I think it’s best not to do anything,” he said.
He has strong common sense in strange things, and he has remonstrated me who has full of intention to peek at the love (er*tic) scenes.

“No, I’m worried. I wonder if it’s going to follow the story(?)That’s what I’m saying.”

“It’s just your lewd heart. You’re really like an er*-oyaji.”

“What the hell!? My heart is not lewd!”

Certainly, there are also little, little lewd thoughts in my heart besides my pure desire to see a happy ending.

But it’s really a little bit.

“You’ve always been in trouble by acting without thinking like that. But isn’t it better to act with caution at Lukeson Academy? The Prince Ricardo Yunguna is a dangerous man, isn’t he?”

“Exactly, that’s right!”

In the end, Relleru-chan’s partner often causes violent problem behavior due to his innate power. It has a low boiling point, so it sharpens quickly.

As he interacted with Relleru-chan, it gradually became calmer, but in the process, many students were hurt by Ricardo-sama for small reasons.

Even when he was still not conscious of his love for Relleru-chan and still often teases and bullies her, the damage he had done was already enormous because he would burn male students who are close to Relleru-chan.

Is the supporting role Tiariela one of the victims or not?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t specified because I was a supporting character.

But there is nothing to worry about. I am by nature a thoughtful human being.

I’m thinking about a lot of things.

For example, that one scene.

Relleru-chan was unlucky to encounter Ricardo-sama, who is in a bad mood, beating a poor schoolboy to clear his anger.

Ricardo-sama grabbed Relleru-chan’s arm as she tries to escape in fear and he forcibly pulls her into an empty classroom.

From there, an er*tic like development happened for some reason.

However, even Relleru-chan and Ricardo-sama go to the point where it is very er*tic, they did not carry out the deed until the last volume.

That’s because Levin Fitzroy always shows up and prevents it at such times.

Levin-sama is strong enough to make even Ricardo’s father, the king, notice him.

Therefore, he is someone who can go head-to-head and oppose Ricardo.

Levin-sama doesn’t like the rotten Ricardo-sama, and Ricardo-sama doesn’t like Levin-sama, who was noticed by his father.

They are basically dirt in each other’s eyes their eyes. Thus, the two of them are exactly natural enemies.

When these two people scatter sparks while glaring at each other, can they afford to pay attention to the people behind them?

No, not at all.

The chances of them noticing a supporting role peeking behind them should be as close to zero as possible.

“You…stop doing stupid things, okay?”

Melba let out a sigh of dismay at me who is speaking confidently, but I pretended that I could not hear it.

I have a memory of my previous life, so what do I do besides to watch over their happy ending?

“I like Ricardo-sama, but I like Levin-sama the most.”

Levin-sama is a fallen lower aristocrat and only had a small magical power.

However, when he was a child, he experienced a dangerous and life-threatening event and the enormous magical powers hidden in him awakened.

Levin-sama then put his skills into practice, built his fortune, and rebuild the Fitzroy family that had fallen.

“Compared to Ricardo-sama, he was quite wild growing up, but that is also the charm of Levin-sama. And Although he has a body and character tinged with a wild taste, he is strangely romantic and deep. He is full of spirit to give a special flower without a name to Relleru, asaー girls’ heart are pounding “kyun” to such a brave him.”

“Hmm. Your interest are just about shady things.”

“Hey~tsu! I’m not listening i~tsu!”

Don’t be stupid.

I’m going to take a peek at the scene where Levin-sama presents Relleru-chan with flowers.

“By the way, I’ll change the story. I’ll be living in a dormitory at Lukeson Academy a week later, so I can’t give food to Melba like I used to.”

“It’s fine. I’m going to your dorm room.”

“E~e~tsu!? While telling me that I shouldn’t do anything dangerous??”

Lukeson Academy is heavily guarded because the upper-class aristocrats including the royal family are gathered.

Any suspicious person will be disposed of as soon as they are found.

Melba only can’t hide his appearance if he’s hungry, so people usually can’t see him except me, and they wouldn’t be alert.

Regardless of my concern, Melba is smiling.


And despite me explaining the danger of sneaking into the Lukeson Academy, Melba piled up the boxes of sweets and prepared to go home.

In a hurry, I pull him back.

“I’ve prepared some money. Don’t sneak into Lukeson Academy. Buy something with this.”

I took out the pocket money I had saved for Melba.

I don’t know how many days it will last, but we should be able to avoid a crisis for the time being.

“I don’t need it. I’m going to your room.”

“That’s why I said it’s not good.”

I thrust the pocket money into his face covered with the robe while being amazed at Melba who says lightly that it invades the Lukeson Academy where security is severe as the royal palace.

Melba looked at me with annoyance and dismissed my hand as if it’s an obstacle.

“Don’t worry more about me, just worry about yourself,” He said.

“If you know Lukeson Academy is dangerous, then don’t do stupid things.”

Melba whispered a little and disappeared from the window.

By the way, my room is on the third floor of the castle.

Melba was a monster that applies common-sense in strange places, such as when opposing me from peeping, even though his existence itself and his actions were even more insane.

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