About Us

Hey Guys! Welcome to DragneelClub’s Translations.

It’s me Dragneel! I am a big fan of Anime, Manga, and Novels. I love writing about them. You can visit DragneelClub for Reviews and Recommendations of Anime, Manga, and Novels.

There are two translators machine translating the novels.

First We have DesperateMTL

[HI! I’m just a huge fan of the light novel “I am the newly born woman of around thirty”. When I first read it last year, I was desperate enough to finish everything posted in Novel Updates in one go. However, recently, I had realized that what I had read before was actually incomplete, and combine with the fact that I’m still itching to re-read everything but doesn’t want to MTL the whole story over and over again, I decided to just MTL everything starting from chapter 8 which was never correctly translated in NU (the last translator accidentally uploaded another chapter 7 as chapter 8, I think?) and edit it as well.

A small warning to all, all of this is just machine translation, and the story is not mine. Everything written inside the story is purely the creative work of the author. I’m only trying to interpret and translate the story using three different machine translations and editing it to make it more readable. I will try to update at least once a week, but it depends on my schedule.

An unnecessary story, I used to study Hiragana in middle school, but I was a lazy student who had no interest in learning other languages, so I gained 0 knowledge. Basically, I’m a weeb who likes manga and anime but can’t bring myself to learn Japanese (OnO)…If I could I would want to slap my middle schooler self.]

And now Welcome our Second Translator

[Hey guys! This is An here. I am your regular lazy potato who just wanted to present some un-translated novels in English here.

I am new to this whole translation thing and I recently started this translation so please bear with me if there are any mistakes here and there. I hope you enjoy reading my translations. I won’t bore you anymore, so go ahead and enjoy reading!]

[Hi! This is Nini! I’m the new MTL’er. I love romances in ancient China, both light-hearted and full of drama. Who doesn’t like a tear-jerker once in a while? Right now, machine translating is the only way for me to read some of the novels I like. I decided to do this because I wanted to share these untranslated gems, and learn the language along the way.

I apologize in advanced for the inaccuracies and errors and if I take too long to update.]