Pearl in the Palm: Chapter 6, Part 2

Ye Jiayou said: “Zhuzhu is better. But, I will call you ‘older sister’ in front of outsiders.”  He was afraid that Ye Lizhu would argue against it, so he hurriedly said, “father calls you Zhuzhu, I also want to call you like that.”  Ye Lizhu neither cared about this little appellation nor did she care about unnecessary … Read more

Pearl in the Palm: Chapter 6 Part 1

A maidservant happened to bring water out and saw Ye Fu’an and Ye Jiayou enter the door. She quickly called out: “Master and young master are here!”  The maidservant at the door informed the people inside.  Ye Lizhu had just woken up and eaten some plain rice porridge. She was drinking tea when she heard that her … Read more

Pearl in the Palm: Chapter 5

After entering the palace, Ye Jiayou did not sit with Ye Fu’an. The children of the Zhao imperial clan, in addition to heirs of non-imperial princes, were all there. They were about the same age, and they usually mingled and played together. At this time, the adults were drinking in the banquet room, while they … Read more

Pearl in the Palm: Chapter 4

Ye Lizhu began to feel a little uncomfortable once again.  She pressed her chest and frowned, not thinking too much.  Maybe it was because seeing her father again made her spirits improved a little  It was also getting late so Ye Lizhu returned to her room, and several maids hurriedly gathered around to help her undress.  Going back to … Read more

Pearl in the Palm: Chapter 3, Part 2

In the middle of that night, Ye Lizhu’s body felt more relaxed, and the feeling of ghosts pressing down on her has faded. She opened her eyes and whispered: “Tea.” An old female servant hurriedly brought tea to rinse Ye Lizhu’s mouth. Ye Lizhu sat up with difficulty: “What time is it now? Where is … Read more

Pearl in the Palm: Chapter 3, Part 1

Chapter Three, Part One Ti Xiao smiled and said: “This prince heard that Prime Minister Ye only has a son who’s remarkably talented since childhood. Prime Minister Ye is very strict, your precious daughter must also be outstanding in learning and virtue, not like common women.  When Prince Qin’s expression changed, Ye Fu’an knew his … Read more

Pearl in the Palm: Chapter 2, Part 2

Chapter Two, Part Two Ye Fu’an said: “Lizhu, your mother… she had already passed away a long time ago.”   “What?” Ye Lizhu couldn’t believe her ears. For so many years, the only person who ever visited Ye Lizhu in the temple was Ye Fu’an. Ye Lizhu once secretly wondered if her mother despised her and … Read more

Pearl in the Palm: Chapter 2, Part 1

Chapter Two, Part One This evening, Ye Lizhu received a letter from her father. Ye Fu’an’s calligraphy style was still as natural and unrestrained as dragons flying and phoenixes dancing[1]. Over the years, Ye Fu’an had written hundreds of letters to Ye Lizhu and she had carefully preserved each letter. She has read every letter … Read more

Pearl in the Palm: Chapter 1

Chapter One When Ye Lizhu woke up, her chest felt tight.  Ye Lizhu was born on the fifteenth day of July, with natural cold air[1] and ridden with evil spirits, and has been in poor health since then. When she was a child, the eminent monk said that if she wants to keep on living, she … Read more


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